Saturday, December 27, 2008

be with me

Today's one of those nights
When you should be here with me
Doing what we normally do
You know...just being into we
I'm not quite sure why you're away
You mentioned something about your plan
But as i said to you earlier
Forget about that damn plan
You wouldn't put a plan before me
Now would you baby boi?
Where does your loyalty lie?
Right here in the bed with me
Nothing could be better than this
If you disagree I want you to prove it
Show me that you'll be okay without me
Remember when you whispered it to me
That you'll never be the same without we
Well come here and act like it
I made my decision when I approved
I acquiesed when I fell in love
So explain to me one more time
Why are you not here with me?
And this time do me a huge favor
Think deeply before you answer
This time I'm asking you to cut the crap
You know you want to be where I am
So come and get me
I'm waiting for you
But I only waiting for a little while


Eb the Celeb said...

Ah... waiting.. I'm struggling with that.. I recently saw a quote that read "Never give up on someone that you cant go a day without thinking about" its both smart and dumb because if the person isnt thinking about you then why shouldnt you give up... ugh.. is it 2009 yet so I can start fresh!

T.C. said...

I hope you shared this...because its real, its straight up, and hell its how i feel..."cut it out and come get her already!!!!!" but you know...who am i...LOL

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