Thursday, December 18, 2008

What I Need To Do

"My advice to you would be to start with that one thing and then let the other stuff fall into place." - Mikesee

I told him that I seem to know a lot of Grade A men, but they're always missing that 1 thing for me. The most important thing.

Now I've been thinking about this for a while now and it wasn't until Mikesee dropped that on me that I decided it's actually time to do something about it. The first step to doing something about it is to write it down, so here it is....

I get tired of knowing so many great men that I can't date. I get tired of the same old routine - making the acquaintance, having a good time while in the back of my mind realizing that I can't date them, receiving wonderful, open-hearted expressions from these guys regarding stepping up our acquaintance to the next level, and then masterfully maneuvering the situation so that I don't hurt their feelings and yet maintain their acquaintance. Yo. This little road that I'm on is wack! While I'm good at keeping friends who want more as friends only, I'm beginning to wear down a little. It's beginning to cut into my nerves a little. So, here's the solution. I think it's time for a detour. I'm ready to step off of this road and onto another.

If I know what quality is most important to me in a man, why don't I start with men who have that quality, and then let everything else fall into place? Seems logical and too obvious right? Well it is, and yet it's not that simple. I can't go too deep into why on here, but let's just say that there aren't many suitable options out there. In my tight niched world, there are maybe 2 in a pool of 100, and 1 of them is already married. On top of that there are 50 woman standing at that same pool, staring at that 1. You want to talk about competition?!

And then, to add another layer of complexity, I'm not even ready for this superstar man that may or may not be out there! How hilarious is that?! Not to mention that I'm not supposed to find him, and he's actually the one who finds his wife.

But you know what? All is not lost. Even with all of that, I can still step off that old road and stop making these "friends". I don't think I can handle anymore "friends" who want more. It's not going to work for me. Sorry. It's not that I don't want friends/acquaintances. It's just that it sucks always having to say no thank you. So consequently, I need to think about where I'm meeting all these "friends" and stop going there. lol. It's time to start going to another type of party, while I sit quietly and get myself together. It's the only way.

"I'd imagine though that it's hard for you to find someone who has the spiritual side intact but also has the looks, style, ambition, and personality that you enjoy and won't bore you." - Mikesee
Now ain't that the truth!

Ok. This is the last post in a while about men. It ain't all about ya'll... you do know that right?! Lol. =)


Deja~I~Am said...

OH GOD! (i say while screaming and running around in circle with my arms flailing sp? all around). "I can't take it, I can't take it, I can't take it no more"

Why is this so HARD!!! Mad props to all those people who hang in there and are determined.

I give up after one day.

Zuri, as your sister (i hate to you're WAY stronger than I am.

T.C. said...

"It's so easy, To think about Love, To Talk about Love, To wish for Love, But it's not always easy, To recognize Love, Even when we hold it.... In our hands."

I read this just now and thought about this post...

I definitely agree with takin yourself off the "road" of just making friends or being with friends....i say that because if you want something more/something different you gotta take a different approach to it all...

I am definitely a true blue FAN of taking time for yourself and really finding that inner happiness just you JAC

It will all fall into place, when you start to focus on TODAY instead of tomorrow and yesterday it will all fall into place...NOT immediately but it will

MJ said...

Hang in there... Jah will bless you :)

MysTery said...

Yeah, man leave those 'want to be more than friends' alone. lol

And I definately feel/have felt what you are going through! Just have faith and continue to work on you! God bless!

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