Monday, December 08, 2008

What Should She Wear?!! - Michelle Obama

This alone has me super excited about the Inauguration! What is Michelle Obama going to wear!!!!!?????

Michael Kors, Diane Von Furstenburg, Monique Lhuillier Oh MY! Choices, choices, choices. Oh what I wouldn't give to be in her position right now!

Since it's going to be freezing, I personally think she should go for a bomb winter coat ensemble. My vote is for sketch number 33 shown here. That coat is FIERCE! Christian Lacroix worked it out! Do you hear me?! WORKED IT OUT!

Check out all her options here!

What's your favorite? What do you think your next first lady should wear on this upcoming historic day?


Mberenis said...

Obama is making it better for us already! The bailout is spilling over into deals you'd never imagine. Most will miss out because they don't do the research. Bailout for Citizens

T.C. said...

2, 8, 14 for the ball and i agree with 33 or 34 for the actual swearing in

MysTery said...

Dang I can't decide!

Reecie said...

Practically every one of those designs are gorgeous. Betsey Johnson is a nut for thinking that dress was even remotely decent. I can't wait to see what Michelle does. It's about time we have someone like her representing us.

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