Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Day In A Snowstorm

7:38 - Woke up and shifted through my early morning thoughts for a while
8:00 - Signed on to the work email and checked personal email/fb/blogs etc.
8:30 - Showered and actually put real clothes on. Not house clothes (so sick of house clothes by now), but actual clothes that I could be seen in!
8:50 - Made up my bed and closed shop on the room. Today is the day where I get up and out of the bedroom. I wasn't in it all day yesterday either, but I specifically don't need to be in there today. It's too dark and small for my mood today.
8:55 - Worked. The files are either corrupt or don't work on my Mac. Sent a couple of emails seeking assistance. It's hard working from home. I play on a Mac. I work on a PC.
9:45 - Ate breakfast that my sister cooked for the family. Omelettes, toast and grits. Mmm. We also shared the daily scripture together. As usual, the scripture was right on time.
10:15 - Back to work. I realized that the files were coming in corrupt on my Mac, so I had to go to the basement to use my parents Dell. Everything worked fine down there. "Please turn up the heat mom! I'm freezing down here!" My sister comes down with her Teach for America and grad school work. I guess she just wants to be near me.
12:50 - Got tired of working. Went to check my IM and gmail. No new IM messages. Only junk in the inbox. Delete, delete, delete. Went upstairs to look in the refrigerator. I'm not hungry but I need a snack. How about some watermelon?
2:30 - Back to work. The job is bothering me about some survey that I need to take. I started the thing. Hopefully I'll finish it before the day is up.
3:30 - My parents wanted me to join them in on a workshop about marriage. How To Decide To Have A Successful Relationship. This was really helpful! In the process of the workshop, I sent my fiance what my needs and irritations are, which I promised him I would do. The workshop enhanced my understand of what it takes to make relationships work. One thing I learned is that it's always about the other person.
6:30 - Dinner Time. Leftovers here I come.
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