Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Spiritual Goals

  • Increase my share in the ministry - I was reminded today that the way to maintain my faith is to teach others. When you teach others what God's word says, it sharpens you.
  • Maintain regular personal Bible study - I have to do more than attend a Sunday service to really get it. I need time alone with the scriptures to meditate on what I'm learning and figure out how to apply it in my life. More emphasis is needed on how to apply the information to my every day walk.
  • Be prepared - It's important to be prepared. I come across topics and conversations every day that could give me the opportunity to mention what the Bible says. By anticipating questions and people's feelings on subjects, I can infuse Bible information into the discussion that may help a person. To be prepared, I have to study.
  • Widen out my association - I want to be surrounded by people who are like-minded when it comes to spirituality. Not just people my age, but those from different walks of life. I don't want to simply leave it at speaking to different ones at my place of worship. Rather I would like to spend time outside of our spiritual activities getting to know them.
  • Apply God's principles in the little things - I'm okay when it comes to avoiding murder and lying and the other huge no no's. =) What I would like to improve on is the small stuff like keeping my room clean, getting annoyed with train riders who crowd my space and watching movies and listening to music that I couldn't watch while sitting next to Jesus.

What are your spiritual goals?

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T.C. said...

build my faith
continue and increase my personal Bible study
be around more spiritually sound people
and i agree with the last goal of yours, applying God's principles to even the little things in life like driving, road rage all of those things....
taping into my SOURCE daily, GOD we pray daily and things but i really want to tap into him regularly as my source and my happiness! and also holding myself accoutable to him

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