Friday, February 26, 2010


I'm studying an article about cultivating the type of love that never fails and the first couple of paragraphs bring something to mind.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog about love. It had some pretty high expectations in there. I said that I want the type of love that you see in movies and that I'm not capable of a normal, everyday love.

Well, since 2008 when that blog was written, I've been through some things. I've studied about love and I've witnessed it in real fashion. The kind of love that I was speaking about in that blog is what little girls wish for before they know what real love involves. Real love is not like the movies. What we see in movies are the good times, when people are just beginning to fall in love. What we don't see is how the newbies maintain and stay together through the hard times. Truth be told that I have fallen in love like the movies. The early days with my fiance were wonderful. I remember feeling high on love during our courtship. It was amazing. But now that we're really learning each other and the newness has worn off, I'm really beginning to feel what love is and what it isn't.

Love is good old fashioned work. In God's case, it took Him sending His baby to die for ungrateful people. For Jesus, he showed his love by teaching everyone how to get it right and by faithfully dying for ungrateful people. These were not things that either of them particularly enjoyed. These things were painful. But they did it because of love. If you love someone, you do stuff for them. You don't sit and stare into their eyes just to get a tingly feeling. No, you put forth effort and actually do something for them that would benefit them. That's love. 1 Corinthians 13:1 - 3 makes a good point, and this is what it says to me. If I have all these romantic gifts like the ability to give someone goosebumps through my words or the ability to dream about an all encompassing, passionate and faithful romance, what difference would all of it make if I didn't have love. The real type of love. The lovely words, the goosebumps and the dreams may fade. But love never ends.

I'm not asking anyone to die for me though. When it comes to loving me, it's all about the little things. The simple text message that makes me smile. Bringing me a slice of Mrs. Smith's apple pie with vanilla ice cream, studying the Bible with me, telling me that I look pretty, leaving me a note on my car, reaching for me because you know I want to be held, sending me an I Love You email that took you time to create and scrubbing tree sap off my car with me. It's the everyday little things when you give of yourself to make me happy.

So, believe in that overly romanticized type of love if you want to. If you do though, let me warn you. You will be disappointed. And it will hurt.

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T.C. said...

love surely isn't a fairy tale but real love when its real is something that even with the hard work that it takes to maintain it, is totall worth it!

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