Monday, February 15, 2010

I am Passion

I've been missing myself for a quite a while. Been thinking back to the times when I was fancy free and lovely. Remembering when I felt so right. Reminiscing over periods when my step was right. But as I sit here listening to an artist I respect and get comfort from, I realize that I'm missing my passion. Passion is who I am. When I'm passionate about the words I write, when I'm passionate about the music I'm listening to, when I'm passionate about the subjects I photography, I am alive. I've been suppressing my passion. Trying to be less crazy. Trying not to look like I'm out of this world. But when I listen to music I love, I need to put on the stank face. I need to connect with it. I need to get inside of it. When I'm inside of anything that I love...that's when I'm me. That's when I'm happy. That's when I found a place that's comfortable. The passion that other people have inspires me. Inspiration is everything to me.

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