Monday, February 15, 2010

God, Don't Leave Me

It has to be okay
It just has to be
Because all that I have
is my heart
Nothing could be that cruel
It doesn't exist
The pain I would feel if
I won't even speak it
Because it's not
It's not going to happen
You know my heart
There's no way You
You won't be with me
It won't happen
Because I wouldn't
I wouldn't be able to live
Oxygen wouldn't be enough
Food wouldn't sustain
Family couldn't save
My breathe would be gone
The knife would twist deeper
Right into my heart
All I have is my heart
Open willing and able
I need you too bad
For the universe
For it to take you away
I can't find a reason
Why I shouldn't be happy
Why I don't deserve
Deserve mercy
It won't happen
With every neuron
I know it won't happen
All that I have is my heart
The tears I have
My tears are real
Coming from too deep
Deeper than deep
I won't apologize
For being me
Believing and pouring out
Pouring my emotions
Emotions so raw they stink
So raw you can't taste
So thick they don't fit
I've never wanted anything
Anything as bad
It won't happen
All that I have is my heart
It's here to give
I can't give up on it
The yearning inside
There's no reason I couldn't
I couldn't be granted this
Deserving is too limp
Please please please
Love me God
Give me everything you have
Don't give up on me
And the possibilities
All that I have is my heart
It's my gift to you
Freely yours
As plush red and crazy as it is
As wild as it may be
As passionate as it may appear
Don't leave me God
There is nothing that cruel
No where in the universe
Can you find cruelty
As separating you and I

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