Monday, February 01, 2010

Writing Junk

I love to write, but unfortunately, I'm limited on ideas. I visit other people's blogs such as abelleinbrooklyn or VSB hoping to snatch up a bit of inspiration. Sadly, I always walk away empty-handed. All the topics are the same... what a good black man is, the oh-so-common list of relationship pains, how to get along better in our communities, the nonsense that's happening in the news and media, the latest racial misfortune, etc. It's always the same. Different toilet, same crap. You would think that I would be able to write on such subjects as a young, bright, plugged-in leader of our time, but I can't. I just can't do it..... What did you say?....You want to know why?... I'm so glad you asked! I have two reasons that I know will shut up any holes into why I probably could be more creative or try harder. Here they are.

I don't want to be like everyone else! What successful blog or article out there doesn't surround DRAMA? Please do me a favor and find one. What I've seen lately has been down-right monotonous. If I see another article on why black women can't seem to find a man or any other version of said topic, I will scream. Shutup already. Where is the variety? Oh, well the blogs that are full of variety are way out in the gaps of cyberspace that no one can seem to find. How unfortunate.

Secondly, I know too much. I have too much Bible knowledge that is. Any issue that arises, I can pretty much shut down with a scripture. And all of it surrounds the concept of love. After you put self-sacrificing God and Jesus type love up in the picture, the discussion is done. Talk about a buzz kill. People feed off of drama and some type of rude or degrading shocking topic. It's what most blogs and articles are based off. And if I cut off the drama by telling someone to love someone else more than they love themselves because that's what GOD did, or if I shut down the rude and shocking topic by telling someone to love themselves and stop being so self-degrading because your whole body is a vessel that GOD has given you out of the kindness of his heart, there will be nothing left to say. I mean, anyone can argue with me all they want, but there's no denying the Bible's truths. They are clear cut, true and appropriate for all instances. So yeah... my blogs, well the blogs that would be of interest to others, would be of no consequence.

Back to the drawing board!


T.C. said...

so write about what YOU know!
that's the problem people like you who have knowledge who can speak about a spiritual black woman finding a spiritual black man aren't speaking up!

speak up talk about what you know and how you can be in the word and not have to shut off everything and everyone one

how its not either you are ALL the way to the left or ALL the way to the right but that you can be spiritually centered find love AND have a LIFE!

talk about it J...we need to see and hear it...

MysTery said...

I want you to write a poem about this blog post. How about that!

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