Monday, February 15, 2010

Teedra Moses


This may seem a bit silly, but what you do means the world to me. Time and time again, you lift me up off of the ground. Time and time again, you're right there for me when I'm feeling a hot mess. The first time was when I packed up and moved to the other side of the country. I was alone in a great big world, but I found you and the vast spaces around me were filled. The second time was when I knew I was in a dead end relationship. The struggle inside of me was brought to the surface when you told me to take my love away. The third time, this time right here, you cradled me as I waited to see whether my heart would be stolen. You saved me from the worry and the craziness that could have eroded my mind. Your music fills me. It lifts me from the ground Teedra. It pulls me from my knees and raises me above the clouds. Your lyrics say all the things I could never find the vocabulary to say. I know you don't realize what you do for your fans. You couldn't possibly. How you are saving lives and filling the gaps that we can't fill on our own. I fit in the pockets of your music. They completely envelop me and keep me clean from the garbage. I'm so thankful for your talent.


This Royal Patience mixtape is by far the BEST she has done. I definitely can't dismiss her other music though. They've done me wonders and have changed my life. Download Teedra's mixtape here.

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