Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ran-dumb Thoughts - Spiritual Edition

Just used my last $5 for a box of Honey Bunches of Oats
This cereal tastes so good
So far I've sent my co-worker some information I promised her over a week ago
She was struggling with finding the balance between honoring her mother and feeling that her mom's way of worship was not in harmony with God's standards
So that's done
I also hit up my studies on the train
Read an article called "A Time for the Head and a Time for the Heart"
My emotions are my achilles heal
They kill me every time
So I read the article to give me some instruction on balance
At first, before reading the article, I thought that I might have to supress my emotions
But nope
God doesn't say that, which is so loving to me
He doesn't expect me to act and think like a man because He knows that's not how I was created
He wants me to be me
YET... there's a time for emotions and there's a time to use my brain
When it comes to Jehovah's standards, the brain needs to kick in
There's no room for emotions where His principles and laws are concerned
My parents had a family study last night that I joined the tail end of
They are kinda having the same problem
My mom gets so emotional that she lets them hinder her from doing the right thing
My dad is so into his head and so rigid that he has a hard time being flexible and reaching into his heart to stop his routine and help my mom
It's an interesting dichotomy
It's the age old discussion of how men act versus how women act
So after I read the article, I forwarded it to them in hopes that they'll be able to cross over their barriers and discern when it's time for the head and when it's time for the heart
Bottom line is that everyone has to give
Just a little
What else have I done this morning
I started studying another article about what makes a spiritual person
So far I've learned that I need to stay drowned in spiritual things
Like totally entreanched in them
When I don't, I start tripping
It's the only way for me to stay focused and devoted to the plan
The other part of that is keeping the mind of Christ
Which means again, no emotions!
This is about the MIND, the head
Robinson texted me yesterday evening
I love it when people take a personal interest in me outside of the normal designated time
At the hall or in the ministry
We went back and forth a couple of times over text
He was actually the one who helped me down the 'emotions' path
It's so so so nice to be reached out to when it's not during the times when it's normally the appropriate time to reach out
It's one thing I miss about my LA congregation
The elders want me to come to them
I'm not sure what to talk about so I have to dig deep and figure out what I need to come to them with
Maybe I'll say that!
Time to work

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