Monday, February 01, 2010

Job Hunting

Lord, please deliver me from this job. I thought that I would regret the decision to leave. I contemplated asking my manager if I could work part time on a permanent basis instead of for the 6 weeks we discussed. Well, today is another Monday on the job and it's clear. Can't do it. Won't do it. I'm looking forward to March 22nd.

This sudden career change has got my wheels spinning...yet again. I should probably begin writing again. All those song lyrics, poems, blogs and stories I have. What am I doing with them? Why are they not in circulation? My love for photography has never died. Perhaps I should pick my camera up again and begin working. Or what about my love for the performing arts. Besides my time at the magazine, my second favorite position was with The Lincoln Center. Why am I not getting paid for my passions? And why is it that I always revert back to my first loves in a time of crisis?

This is my time. I am a business woman. Not a woman who sits back and waits for her break. The power to be happy professionally is within my control. I will push and pursue my desirable course. I am a minister, a photographer, a writer, a coordinator of art events, and a professional financier. There is no reason for me to be miserable. I will make my own schedule and determine what works for my obligation to Jehovah and what works for me. This is my time.

Here I come!


T.C. said...

No time like the present!
Check out the Kennedy Center or the different Museums in the area to look for may be able to find your creative nitch

MysTery said...

Get it girl!!

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