Saturday, February 20, 2010


A woman needs to be loved. She needs to be held. She needs to be told she's beautiful. Not once in a blue moon on occasions where she gets dressed up, but ever so often. She needs to know that he finds her interesting. She needs to catch him staring at her just because. She needs to be paid a compliment. She needs to feel like he finds her intelligent. She needs to know that he's crazy about her. She needs to feel like he's head over heels. She needs to be lusted after. She needs to know that she can make him laugh. She needs to hear that he won't ever leave. She needs to know he wouldn't change a thing. She needs to feel accepted. She needs to hear a sweet word. She needs a 'just because' flower. She needs to know he's thinking about her. She needs him to grab her hand. She needs for him to go in for a kiss. She needs to feel like he always cares. She needs him to make her feel wanted.

A woman's got needs. And I am a woman. I have needs.


Jenn Will said...

I couldn't agree with this more.

T.C. said...

tis true and i agree...but you have to do that for yourself sometimes too...sometimes he might just forget or life can get in the way, just like life might get in the way of you fulfilling his needs...

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