Friday, June 11, 2010

10 Things...

(Usually if I'm bored or lazy, it's because I'm missing inspiration in my life. Everything I do has a source of inspiration. If I'm not inspired, I'm not me.)

Essence Magazine has inspired me once again. That's why I love this magazine. I'm reading it from cover to cover and came across an article called "20 Things...Every Black Woman Should Experience". Now some of these things I can't quite do as their not in line with who I am as a Christian woman BUT what I can do is create my own list interwoven with a few stolen ones from my favorite magazine. This is going to be fun...

1. Vacay Under the Tuscan Sun. I fell in love with the scenery in this movie. Every time I see the rolling hills and the winding cobblestone paths, my breath is stolen. I want to take an Italian trip to Tuscany, Venice, Milan, Florence, and whatever other hidden gems there are with my sister and mother. AND have money to spend while there! I want the ultra chic, glam experience with my favorite two women.

2. Blow A Paycheck. Just once, I want to blow a paycheck, yes an ENTIRE paycheck, on something ridiculously expensive like a Louboutin heels, a Ports 1961 dress or a Gucci bag. A lady of my circumstances, i.e. - a regular, working woman, normally only dreams of such things. But what if I could become true, just once?

3. Do A Full Photoshoot. I want to be in front of a real photographer, with wardrobe and a stylist to create memories that'll last forever.

4. Live Abroad. I regret not studying abroad. The one reason I would choose to rewind my life right (because my current life is oh so good!) is to take classes abroad in London. I thought about attending grad school at London Business School when that time swung around. While I'm disappointed that I didn't jump at the experience, I know it wasn't right for me at the time. Still...I want to live somewhere else for a few months and step out of the walls that are the U.S. AND while I'm in England, Italy, Hawaii, St. Thomas or whever I am, I want to take a cooking class!

5. Write a book. Gosh. I'm even afraid to really put this out there on my list. I think I'm afraid of the work and commitment. I'm afraid of failing too. Still yet, I know that I'll regret not trying.

6. Quit A Job I Hate. Oops! Already did that! No regrets there! I am completely liberated!

7. Party All Night Long With My Husband. This shouldn't be that unreachable but we're just not that type of people. But just once, I'd like to party all night like we did on our first date. Just us among a sea of strangers.

8. Partake In A Summer Rain. How free would I be while standing in a summer rain with not a care in the world. Everytime I ask someone to do this with me, s/he looks at me like I'm crazy or gives me an outright NO.

9. Be Onstage Again. I played Candy in a 2 hour play back in college and loved the experience. I didn't know I was good until my director told me so. Whether I was singing, dancing or acting, I was alive. I miss it.

10. Tap Into My Strong Side. I want to go through archeological tombs like Lara Croft or race a car like the tough chicks in Fast And The Furious or kick some butt like Charlie's Angels! I'm not joking either. I don't just have a penchant for my girlie side. I'm a tough chick too, when I wanna be. A little strong sista adrenalyn rush will do my body good.

What about you?


T.C. said...

you've never asked me...i am a definite player in the rainer...

ps this was a good list

T.C. said...

ps i just picked up the new Essences and it inspired me to do #17! for my 30th birthday woohoooo

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