Monday, June 14, 2010

Different Kind of Music

I know I'm posting a lot today but that's okay right?

Last night I went over to my parent's and watched The World Cup Opening Ceremony and fell in love with music all over again.

There was this South African band that performed called BLK JKS (pronounced BlackJacks) that had my dad and me finding all of our natural African connections all over again. I loved the call and response part. Ta! Ta Ta! It was so right. This song reminded me the old native songs I used to dance to when taking African dance. It also reminded me of some of the music from Sarafina. I LOVED that movie. Matter of fact, I need to purchase that for my collection. I even saw Sarafina on stage with my mother, sister and best friends. That was a great memory. African music has been a part of my childhood, so this was a nice connecting moment for me. I'd like to look back and pull forward more of this. I hope you enjoy. And check the people dancing in the crowd! That would have been me, feeling the vibrations in my chest. How could you NOT move to this?

Oh and speaking of making you dance, I have to give it up to the Black Eye Peas! I must say that Will.I.Am (I'm assuming he produces the music?) knows what he's doing. There's a reason why this group has been rocking stages for YEARS and has such an international appeal. If I were an artist, I would take a page from their book. Their music choices are very smart. Get up and dance ya'll!!!

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