Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cut it Out

It's hot as I don't know what outside! I like it! I would LOVE it though if I didn't have this long hair down my back. It's time to cut this mess up. Here are the hairstyles I'm thinking of. They're all pretty much the same though. Short on the sides and long on the top. Let's get scissor happy!


Jenn Will said...

Cute, cute! Are you going to perm it though?

That is my issue, if I cut it that short how do i keep it straightish without perming it, or constantly applying heat. I'm having that problem now, with the back I have to straighten it all the time. In my mind my hair will curl up all cute and fine due to my good genes, the reality is that its a baby afro back there.

j.a.c. said...

Everytime I went to my hairdresser last year, I would tell her to cut it shorter and she would yell at me and tell me that there's no way I'm going to be able to grab it enough to straighten it without a perm. I think the trick was my oil, the super high heat setting on my flat iron and my silk scarf. Tying down the back of my hair every night did the trick for me. It would lay against the back of my neck like a charm when I took the scarf off in the morning! I also think it's because of how trained my hair is. But your hair is trained too so I think it'll work if you flatten it with the scarf every night. I actually think that the shorter it is, the less of a chance that it'll puff.

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