Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mood: Blah

I want to keep my nose down. I'ma keep nice and quiet and do what I'm told to do. That's it. There's too much weird stuff going around to get involved. I don't even want to know. If something crazy looks like it's going down, I'm just going to look the other way. Office politics are too much for me. People get fired every month in this piece. As long as I get a check, I'm straight. (Let's see how long I can believe this.) I'm interested in job hunting again. It takes FOREVER to find a job so even though I'm not ready to leave my current position, I'd like to begin the search.

I tried to have a conversation with a younger friend about a decision I had to make. It didn't go over so well. I tried to explain my priorities and loyalties to my husband but I have a feeling she didn't really get it. I'm only interested in making decisions that are for the betterment of my family. Do you really have to be married to understand certain that? I thought it was given that in marriage your husband should come first when it comes to certain things, but maybe not. Lesson learned...

Philippians 4:8. That's all I'm trying to do now-a-days. Consider things that are true, of serious concern, righteous, chaste, lovable, well spoken of and praiseworthy. I feel like I'm tempted everyday to talk about someone or to get involved in things I should touch. My prayer is to stay grounded and rooted in the Bible. I pray to conquer all bad feelings and exchanges with love.

I'm extremely excited about my convention. I can't wait until July 15th. My husband and I will be on our way to a spiritual paradise. I can't imagine anything better than being at a spiritual feeding with the man that I love. I mean, it was great as well when I was single, but imagine how much better this time will be! I've prayed and prayed and prayed for a man who I could serve Jehovah with. Well I found him and I'm going to appreciate every moment of it that I have.

Speaking of my husband, he has another interview tomorrow. We should probably go over some ideas tonight. He got a hint to be forward thinking so we'll think of some key points before tomorrow. I'm excited for him though.

That Sky Is The Limit beat just came on. Biggie and 112. Smh. Good music. This is Cheri Dennis' version of the song. I wonder what happened to her. Oh.... Diddy happened to her. Case closed. We need more good music. I'm tired of the crap that's on the radio. It doesn't mean anything. "Music is supposed to inspire", said Lauryn Hill. Remember when rap meant something? As gangsta as it was, Pac's music still meant something. This stuff now-a-days is just bafoonery. I want something that I can listen to and feel deep within, that I can think about and have to listen to a few times before understanding it. Maybe I'm asking for too much.

This 98 degree weather would be perfect if I was by a body of water. A cool breeze on a hot day is what melting is all about. I want to melt. I want to go to my secret spot by the water. There's a lot to do this weekend though.

Alright. I'm going to do some Bible study. My temperament is a little out of wack. I need some soothing vibes. Lata.

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blkbutterfly said...

i haven't been by here in a while, but congratulations on your marriage! even though your mood was blah, i can still sense your happiness!

Philippians 4:8... i needed to be reminded of that scripture!

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