Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ran-Dumb Thoughts

It's time.
It's 9:59am.
My husband is walking into the interview of his life.
Oh goodness.
Why am I nervous?!
We studied.
I tested him.
We re-tested.
He'll be fine.
I wonder how he's feeling right now.
Is he confident?
Is he walking tall?
Is he smiling?
Woooo saaaaaa.
Now all I have to do is wait.
Gosh I hope he does fine.
We worked for it.
I don't understand how he couldn't be fine.
We worked for this.
I wonder what he's saying right now.
They're probably doing a little small talk.
Or maybe they're giving him his first question right now.
I hope that his heart isn't beating out of his chest.
It's always when you're heart beats out of your chest that you feel the most nervous.
I prayed for a calm to come over him.
I prayed for Jehovah's holy spirit to be with him.
*Deep breath*.
I wish I could be a fly on the wall.
At least for the first 10 minutes.
After 10 minutes of observation, I can know whether he has it in the bag or not.
Oh man I love that man.
Not matter whether he gets the job or not, I'm proud of him.
He's so smart.
They'd be a fool to pass him up.
It'll be their loss.
And I know that they know that.
I really believe that he'll get the job.
It's 10:08.
I have another 52 minutes to go.
And probably more.
What should I do while I wait?
I need to be distracted.
I'll watch a show on my laptop.
(I spelled it right babe!)
It's 10:09 now.
I wish I could be with him and hold his hand!
Ok, let me stop.
Woman up J.
Let's get it together.
Distractions here I come.


MJ said...

I love this! Had no idea you were that nervous for me! #SNYOUSPELLEDLAPTOPRIGHT!!!

T.C. said...

ya'll two are SO cute! luv that about you guys!

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