Monday, June 14, 2010

Inspire: A New Purpose

I'm always looking for inspiration. Here's today's jewel.

And on that note, I re-vamping the purpose of this blog. As Ruby said, we all have a voice and I do believe that my voice matters. I indeed have an inner artist about me that's been angered. I've kept my inner, artistic superpowers to myself and they are upset with me. I have the ability to inspire others. I've tasted approval and gratitude from my peers for speaking my mind so I know that I can do this. My biggest can of fuel is inspiration itself. So I'm looking forward to looking for gems like the above and then doing something with it whether it be transforming it into poetry, speaking to others about it or cataloguing how I feel in some other form of work. Sometimes it'll be just for me and sometimes it'll be for the public. I don't want my blog to be a source of venting anymore. (I should probably do that in private anyway.) Instead, I want my blog to push people into following their dreams and doing something more than they're doing now. My biggest challenge is laziness and complacency. But Victoria Rowell (Drew from the Young and the Restless) said something this weekend at her book signing. She said when you don't feel like writing or have nothing to write about, look outside and take a cue from God's creations. This about awesome the skyline is and then think about those who are incarcerated and cannot see the skyline. Think about those ones who have been incarcerated FOR writing their thoughts. Think about those who don't have the freedom to do what we can do. I thought that was pretty profound.

So here I am. At a new juncture with a new purpose. I pray that I can fulfill it and inspire.

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