Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Decorating: Adding a Feminine Touch - Rugs and Chandeliers

The bad news: We had a fight about how dark and manly the condo is. The good news: He encouraged me to do whatever I want to the place. Word.


I found my bedroom rug! Isn't is so clean and crisp! I love this thang! This is going to add the needed breath of fresh air that I need for my bedroom. The room is currently dark and masculine like my husband, so I'm counting on this baby to light it up.

My next endeavor is to find a chandelier to add to the brightness factor. I don't want a regular lamp or light fixture. That's totally not jj. Therefore, I'm trying SO HARD to find a battery-operated or cordless chandelier that has the awe factor of this baby below. Thanks to design wonderful for bringing this gorgeous girl to my attention! I LOVE this chandelier. I almost wish I hadn't seen it so that I don't become disappointed by the more inexpensive options out there. It says to contact the dealer for a price, so you KNOW it's way out of my price range. It looks expensive! It's quite amazing though. If it was above my head in my bedroom (cuz that's where I would put it), I could lay on my bed and stare at it forever. Anyway, if anyone finds a battery-operated or cordless chandelier that's not going to break my piggy bank, please let me know!

The next thing I'm going to do is re-upholster my steel, mini, baby doll chair. I think I may find a fabric with a salmon color in it, perhaps in a striped design. The grey and black that we already have will tie nicely with salmon. I'm going to change the grey, blue and black pillows too. The right pillows do tons to a room. And then I'm looking for the right artwork to tie it all together. I'll keep you posted on what I come up with! The hunt is on!

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