Friday, June 25, 2010

Writing By Music

Run into the wind
Don't let the force overcome
Push your way through
At the end is your reward
Everyday there's a fight
It's so easy to tire
To give up and stand down
But stand firm for your rights
Don't let anyone tell you no
The sound of victory is coming
Be strong until you hear
Until it's blazing in your ear
Never let go Never stop Never die

You would be dumb to let this go
There's nothing more perfect for you
Tap into your heart and reveal truth
Stay away from all that is unequivical
Keep your senses and keep your love
Cuz once you leave it'll be gone
Take courage in what's right now
Nevermind what could be later
Sink your teeth into the real
Let it's juices marinate all through.

Here's the chick with the breeze
The sun, the earth and the showers are hers
She controls the scientific rythums of the planet
And decides when to allow you to breathe
There's no limit to what she can do
You must follow her commandments
The heartbeat within she can pinch to crush
She feels you without the slightest touch
Here's the woman that tells you what to do
Right left back forth
Which way do you request access
Complete mind control
Try to eradicate her forces for independence
She won't make it easy
No commitment to you, she will eradicate you.

copyright ©2010 j.a.j.

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