Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fashion Exercise : What Kind Of Man Is He?

Alright ladies. Put your thinking caps on. I have an activity for us that is inspired by my private thoughts about Maxwell. Lol. So for each celebrity listed below, tell me what kind of man is he? If you were going to go on a date with the celebrity in question, what would you wear? Is he a jeans man? A summer dress and flats man? A sexy dress and stilleto man? Would you do the career woman look with him or rock an all natural fit? What do you think his preference would be? Play along! This could be fun!

Maxwell (of course)
Idris Elba
Terrance Howard
Tyler Perry
Michael Ealy
John Legend
Andre 3000 *Challenge!*
Mos Def

Here are my answers. Don't look until you do yours! You don't have to do them all if you don't want. Just do a few!

Maxwell - I'm thinking sexy jeans or a summer dress. I can't exactly put my finger on this one though because I could see him loving anything as long as the women inside the clothes was beautiful. You know that sounds like something he would say. LOL.
Idris - Definitely a sexy LBD with some banging stiletto shoes. No question.
Diddy - He needs a dime on his arm at all times, so I would say anything high fashion. Whether it be a dress or pants. If I were to go out with Diddy, I would make sure my coat game was fly.
Terrance Howard - Because I SO don't care, this one is hard for me to get into, but yeah... a dress with some baby wipes in my clutch. Ugh! Boogie negro!
Usher - When I think of Usher, I think of a date in the house. Sweatpants that I look sexy in and a wife beater. Real simple.
Prince - Gosh. Umm.... Back in the day? Something rock inspired maybe. Now? I have no idea.
Barack - This one's obvious. Just look at his wife. Something classy, of course.
Common - He's so simple to me. Jeans, flip flops and a straw fedora. He seems like he would be easy to please.
Tyler Perry - A matching suit so I can look as close to a man as possible. ha!
Michael Ealy - Definitely a summer dress and freshly blow out hair. I would keep it really easy and light with him.
John Legend - A sexy dress that stays classy as well. Something really tailored. Maybe Calvin Klein with acessories that are on point. A diamond ring. Christian Louboutin shoes maybe.
Pharell - Rocker jeans and some hot tennis shoes with a leather jacket. No bag/purse/clutch.
T.I. - His wife always looks like a hot mess so based off that, I'd just throw on something I already have in my closet. But T.I. looks VERY nice when he throws on his suits so maybe a sexy dress.
Andre 3000 - I don't even know where to begin with this one. Harem pants?! Lol? Gosh I hate those things. Maybe some plaid shorts with tights underneath and leather boots. I don't know about the top yet. I gotta think on that one.
Mos Def - I actually have no idea. He's a hard one to call.

How did I do?


Reecie said...

Very interesting post!

Let's see...

Maxwell- I would wear a flirty dress. Something with a draping effect for a more goddess type look.

Idris- A long tight top with cleavage, some leggings, and 4inch stilettos. He is sexy as all hell, you gotta be a bad ass with him in the mix.

Diddy- Skin-tight minidress with lots of cleavage.

Terrance Howard- womp womp...loved him in Best Man, but now he isn't even worth a hypothetical.

Usher- He has reclaimed his sexy, so...I would say a trenchcoat with stilettos...and lingerie underneath (umm yeah and please ignore the thirstiness of that comment lol)

Prince- Ehh

Barack- I think you gotta pull a Michelle with something feminine yet professional

Common- This is a hard one...probably some skinny leather pants, and a halter top.

Tyler Perry- Ehh

Michael Ealy- Halter dress

John Legend- Probably a Maxi dress...go for a Bohemian look

Pharell- Jeans, clever top

TI- Tiny always looks a hot mess so it's hard to say what he goes for. I would say a bikini top and sarong for a beach date

Andre 3000- Hmm...You can't outdo him, so just a simple jeans and top

Mos Def- Ehhh

PreciousGem-Refinement in Progress said...

Just the fun I needed to end my day!

Maxwell- An ultra feminine Betsey Johnson bias cut dress that flatters my curves, flirty sandals

Idris Elba-Straight pencil skirt with a mock turtleneck (nice fitted) cool belt around my waist, some sexy black patent stiletto pumps and a fierce hat!

Diddy- A full length mink over some LaPerla undies and a rollie on my wrist

Usher- A sexy wrap dress with in a bold color or print with ankle wrap stilettos

Prince-Uhmm, something purple? Actually I have cute purple sweater with sequins on it...maybe that with some ripped jeans and funky pumps

Barack-A well tailored suite or a 'Barak the Vote' tee, I think he’s appreciate either option

Common-Cargo pants with a chain belt, a cute fitted tee, with Angela Davis and her afro on it and a distressed leather fitted bomber jacket over it, some hip boots

Pharell-A velour sweat suite (in a cool color) with some funky Nike’s

T.I.-Anything with an LV bag, LOL and maybe some door knocker earrings with “TIP” engraved in one and “TI” in the other

Andre 3000- Something vintage inspired, maybe some well fitting corduroys, a ruffle French style top, funky accessories and a leather 60's/70's throw back belted trench in a cool rust/drown hue

j.a.c. said...

@ reecie - lol @ your "ehh"s. do you have visions of Usher in your bed Reecie? LOL.

@ precious - i'm SO feeling your style chica! when i read this last night i was like "Yes! Yes!" i had the same initial reaction when writing Diddy's. i especially think you hit the nail on the head with Andre, Common, and Idris. your T.I. assessment made me smile. Cute.

fun exercise right?!

PreciousGem-Refinement in Progress said...

Truly my idea of fun! When I shop, I actually imagine myself in potential scenarios wearing that fit, so this was right up my alley....

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