Monday, October 27, 2008

Question To The Fellas

Hey Fellas,

I have a question to ask you. I've heard on more than one occassion that we females can be AND do some pretty crazy things at times. However, whenever I ask what kinds of things you guys are talking about, no one ever wants to share! Now you know, us females will share how crazy ya'll are in a heartbeat, but I'm interested to finally hear this. Seriously. What kinds of crazy things have you guys had to deal with? And who are these crazy women?! Please share!

him: the older i get and more interaction i have with women [the more] i realize they are crazy. i have to explain and break it down to you, but women are sooooo funny to me
me: crazy women huh? i seem to hear that a lot from men, but i have no idea what you guys are talking about, and no one's ever told me about the crazy things "we" do
him: man, you dont even have a clue how crazy your gender is
me: i really don't
him: you hear that a lot from men cuz its true
me: yeah, but you guys never share!
him: the older i get the more i realize, 8 out of 10 women are on one, maybe higher

What in the world are you guys talking about?!! Lol! Educate us. Please! Maybe us ladies can learn a thing or two? =)

Thanks in advance,



B.m.W said...

The crazies thing I ever had a girl do was roll off of the couch in the middle of us making out; it may or may not matter that she was well on her way to birthday suit status. She rolled once or twice on the floor until she was in a prone position making a fake gun with her hands, aiming at the wall...NUTS!


I also just heard a story about a woman that kicked, keyed, soaped, and broke windows on her boyfriend's buddy's wife's car...I know that's a lot to keep together. However, she went to her boyfriend's home, and thought the car belonged to someone she believed he was cheating with. He was not cheating with anyone, and it turned out the car belonged to his friend's wife. His friend chose to drive it that day because it's more fuel-efficient compared to his SUV....ridic.

Anonymous said...

lets be honest the most common is that yall gotta feel like you are forever in competition with each other. as soon as a man finds someone suddenly you want him. ugh.

the other is that yall are completely as sexually crazy as men are but yall never wanna just let it out. so the guy hasta try to figure out all these schemes to make you be who you already are. thus makin us look like we are more crazy than we already are. THATS YALL BE CRAZY THAT MAKES US CRAZY!


Anonymous said...

Lets just say I had a stalker who lied to a bunch of people and said that I attempted to have sex with her and when she said no I stopped dating her, told all her friends that I was a dog, said she introduced me to her family, and all I was about is the tang..oh and said her father offered me a job..A. She offered up the tang (and my crazy-dar went off) so I didn't accept. B. Never met her parents C. Never wanted to work for her dad..... So then the stalker comes into play: constant calls...the switching of numbers.....random run in's out at the club....THE CHICK WAS CRAZY.... (there are plenty more details but don't want to write anymore lol

Anonymous said...

JAC women are not crazy... They are just extreme and the easiest way to describe that extreme is crazy... Case in point... If a woman is truly in love she will go to the extreme with something justifying it with i did this because i love him... Also woman can blame there actions on hormones, be it from pregnancy or that time of the month. They have natural excuses for the behavioral changes they experience at a moments notice. The average male would say nah that so and so is crazy. She will justify with i'm sorry baby it was my period that made me extra sensitive or baby please bear with me, me carrying this baby has totally messed up my mood swings. As a man how can we debate these natural acts of being a woman, because we can't birth children. We have to suck it up and be a man and support our women through there so called crazy states of being. Lets not even get into menopause. In essence, woman will do stuff like get completely mad at you for not picking up on the hints she slightly slyly dropped that she really loves Maxwell and expected you to get the tickets to Radio City when he was in town, but you did nothing, not even buy her a Maxwell CD... A guy would say well why didn't you just say you wanted to go to the concert. A lady will say, i did tell you, I hinted at all when we were looking at shoes in the south street seaport mall 2 months ago when we saw the poster that he will be in town. LOL... I have heard similar stories to this my whole life as a man, well at least since I have been in my 20's... Here a killer to that men will get crucified for every time... If you ever have a beautiful friend that's strictly plutonic, and you just happen to run into in the street and you welcome her with a huge warm bear hug embrace and you are with your girl... Expect one of two things... 1 if you do this before introducing your girl, be prepared to get a whole bunch or random questions soon after you part your friend... Questions like did you ever sleep with her, why didn't you introduce me to her first? How long have you guys been friends? Why did you hug her so long...? ETC, etc, etc... Or two your girl will pull you back and say excuse me hi my name is woman(insert your female name here
). Now most men would think that crazy and or a bit rude... Oh no, not in the mind of a woman... That ish makes perfect since... They say a man marks his territory, oh but not like a woman... In conclusion woman like to keep men guessing so they never get to comfortable... Men if we get to comfortable we might get bored and look for some type of other stimulus... Oh but the woman ain't havin that fellas... So she might might do what the average man might consider deranged, crazy, and or a little touched... But ask any woman why she did that extreme stuff and I'm pretty sure she will say in some way shape or form that she loves, lust for, want, or really cares for that said man(insert his name here)... LOL woman are crazy and so are men we just have to try and understand our crazy a little better so we can live in harmony... Cause trust when a woman get in cahoots with her girls and get up a scheme plot or whatever to check her man or check up on her man we men are going to have a handful... So men if you think she might be hinting at something and or you think she might be getting upset about something... Just ask her over communicate and squash it before it gets out control and you say, girl you trippin... You are crazy...


Anonymous said...

okay after reading some of these other comments... Sometimes maybe the female is just plain loco, coocoo for cocoa puffs crazy...



Daneger said...

I think the main reason you hear men call women crazy is because there is just a fundamental difference in the way of thinking between the two sexes. Women tend to be (not always) a lot more emotionally driven in there thinking process. Which is why the different hormone changes that you all go thru may have an effect on your demeanor. Men are more driven by logic. Most of the times for us stuff just has to make sense or be in it's proper place. The older I get and the more I deal with the opposite sex I realize there are just a lot of differences between men and women and that is usually what leads men to think that women are crazy. I just had an argument with my girl recently because I thought she was acting crazy. I told my Aunt and female cousin about it and they completely understood. And that difference in thinking is what leads to situations like the examples GEM gave. Its really hard to say a specific thing is crazy because men don't really mean you are crazy...we mean illogical. But to us, anything that doesn't follow logic is crazy.

j.a.c. said...

very well put daneger.

lol @ your first story b.m.w.

women are crazy said...

I think women are crazy cuz the older they get the more negative they get. Maybe its that age bracket between 25-35 but they are negative and bitter. They had a couple of bad experiences with men and then they are just sour. Acting like they dont want a man or need a man. Try to behave like a man and just use the other gender for there bodies and play these games. Lets get real,thats not yall. Now this is becoming an epidemic they way women are thinking. We men need you and women you need us. All this women playing the role is wack.

Okay we men go through phases sometimes where we act like ass holes but hopefully eventually we get out of it. We realize that the shit is old and wise up. Unfortunetly bout time we wise up and start to be serious the women in our bracket that are still available and no kids etc are damaged goods from their past experience and wont give a good guy a chance. Women seem to be in competition with themselves to much.

Chick(Bitch) Please! said...

Women are crazy cuz of some of stuff they do. Below is a list of crazy things women have done to me personally or a friendso i can say that your crazy:

-bust the windows out your car (thanks jazmine sullivan for encouraging women and giving them the ok to do this, not cool)

-check your messages and look through your phone(why look, be careful you might find what your looking for)

-follow you home or follow you out period. (Stalker)

-make up stories to see how you react(just crazy)
-claim your pregnant to keep a man (this is just low and ridiculous)

-Continuously ask how you feel when everything is ok(ok this one isnt that bad)

-try to manipulate your family and friends into you being the bad guy.

(i personally never let a women meet my family or friends unless its serious, they will try to use that)
-call your phone and text you a million times(ladies if i didnt respond the first 999,999 times what makes you think i will on the millionth, insanity is doing the same act over and over expecting different results. just crazy

-coming by your house unannounced. (not cool, i dont want to see you)

-talk about marrying me in the first week(Girl i just met you, i dont even know your last name)

-trying to have kids cuz your tall and have good hair( girl again, i just met you!)

These are just a few, i have plenty more but i want to spare women the embarrasement. This list right here is enough for me to justify your crazy!

j.a.c. said...

i have so many things i would like to say, but first and foremost, please keep the comments respectful. your point could be the most genius thing ever, but if you communicate it with disdain and fury, we're not going to hear it.

and no cursing on here! lol. Geez!

thanks to all who have commented so far. i forwarded this to all my ladies and believe me, we're hearing you.

T.C. said...

up until comment 9 (Mr. bitch please) i was pretty much diggin what everyone was saying...

why? because there is a lot of truth to what is being said...
women are emotional, we do analyze a lot of things and thus because women and men think differently sometimes the communication lines get blurred and things get crazy...

i was tlaking to an old friend onf mines last night, he is a really good dude, and we were talking about how he loves to do and take women on dates that are different and i quote "you don't take a girl to a chain restuarant on the first date, you take them somewhere nice and special, to let them know you are really interested in them...i don't want to just do the movie and out to eat i want to explore new things"

but sometimes women haven't taken the time to deal with their baggage and YES we all have baggage before moving when the good dude is staring them in the face its like "oh no bruh" because you haven't fully healed from past hurts haven't fully reflected on YOUR own STUFF before moving on...

so in that sense we are carrying baggage around that we need to deal with...but i wouldn't say that we are damaged goods...there is always room to heal and grow if we just take the time...

so NO we aren't damaged, at least not the women who ARE in DEED good women...we take our time and get to know people...

reality check for the fellas as well:

that whole list in comment 9, i have had dudes either done that to me, or to a there are some in YOUR words crazy bitch@ss dudes out in the world too...

the real question is, who are we attracting and pulling into our circles is a reflection of who we are...if you are attracting these "crazy" women that on YOUR homework and stop investing time at places and in spaces where you will happen upon such a "lady"

just like there are good SANE men in the world their are good sane women...

those of us who KNOW we have things to work on are doing so because WE want to be the best woman for ourselves...

let us also be carry just as much if not MORE baggage then are less forgiving and less understanding...

i think this was supposed to be an open dialogue to bring about understanding because we as women (i can speak for my circle of girls) are really growing and maturing into good women so we wanted the male perspective...

but disrespect is NOT tolerated so NEGRO puh leeze...

Liz said...
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j.a.c. said...

from one of my guy friends, in response to "chick please!":

him: sounds like that dude just doesn't know how to take care of business. he obviously is a shady individual

me: interesting you should say that
comment B! say that! it'll be better coming from a man than me.

him: i dont like to do posts and whatnot. lol.

me: oh ok. boo to u then

him: haha. if dude wasnt so suspect, he wouldnt have those kinds of issues with women. respect begets respect. just bcuz you aren't together anymore, doesnt mean you have to be shady toward each other and begin disrespecting the others life. you can post this convo if you want, lol

me: ooo! thanks. he sounds like he has stuff he needs to get off his chest. almost like HE'S damaged. i think t.c. said it best, you attract that mess towards you.

him: lol... it just sounds to me like he's done something shady to piss the women in his life off... i've never had to deal with shady women (although like I said, random drive by the cribs... not the bizz!! stalkerish women are crazy!!)


Liz said...

Exactly T.C./J.A.C!!!!!

The question really is what kind of women you are attracting!?!?! Where did you meet them?? And from an earlier comment about woman not giving men a chance… Could it be how you're coming at them??? Have you ever asked a woman why she turned you down???

Could it be pure timing? Or were you not reading the signs clearly??... It’s easy to get confused, but the signs are always right in front of your face, whether you choose to read them or not. The "stalker", the wo[man] who wants to marry you or have your baby, etc. it’s all evident within the first date, if not first dialogue. Choosing to let things continue does not make THEM crazy---it makes you selfish/stupid for not clearly cutting your ties earlier!!

It’s unquestionable that everyone has baggage, and yes, not everyone matures at the same pace--For some they are seeking to re-live previous pain, others are simply looking for some solitude or for someone to show them REAL love--But I think more any of that—What you put out there, you’re gonna get back…Not to say you made a conscious choice, but misery does loves company as the old adage says...

Jenn Will said...

This is an argument/question for the ages. Men and women communicate and process thoughts differently, men are simple women are complex, we have more ative imaginations, in general we tend to spend more time thinking. It doesn't make either gender better or lesser, and most certainly doesn't warrant blanket vitriol against women ("Chick (B) Please" I'm looking at you).

I think most people that encounter someone that doesn't think/react/act like they do considers that person crazy-because the behavior doesn't conform to their personal version of "normal". But guess what, that's perfectly ok, and its what makes life interesting. Ever notice how many successful couples are complete opposites in at least one major respect? Or how boring a party would be if everyone behaved exactly the same? We're all a little crazy-embrace it, love it, live it!

Anonymous said...

The craziest thing a female has done to me: Hmmm.

Well I wanted to avoid this girl I was seeing one weekend because I knew I would break up with her the next time I saw her and I didn't want it to ruin my weekend. Call me bogus, but it is what it is.

So I go out Friday night and kick it, at the club all late. She called twice and I didn't answer. So Saturday morning I'm still sleeping cause I stayed out late and suddenly somebody is ringing my doorbell. I'm hoping it's a Witness and I ignore and try to go back to sleep. But this person keeps buzzing and buzzing - suddenly I realize it's her. So I walk to the door but I don't want to open. I'm hoping she will leave so later I can play like I wasn't home. But then I hear her bust out a set of keys (she doesn't have keys to my place - that I know of). She starts fiddling with the door, I look out the peep hole cause I can't believe this chick had keys made. But, she didn't, it was worse. I let her play with the door for a while and then opened it to find her standing there with a credit card trying to pick the lock. I was like, "What the hell are you doing?" And she was just like, "Why aren't you answering your door?"

She got broken up with on the spot.

j.a.c. said...

See... now that last comment... THAT'S the kind of stuff I thought you guys were talking about. Breaking the law stuff. Insane stuff.

The texting-more-times-than-you-would-like stuff and pretending-like-we-don't-want-'it'-when-we-do mess... THAT'S FEMALES! I'm not trying to say that it's 100% fine that we do those things, but if you are wise enough to understand the makeup of a woman, just like we understand the men more times than not see things as black and white, then there might be more peace among the genders. Like people before me have said, we're just different. That doesn't make us crazy and it doesn't make YOU crazy. It makes us HUMAN.

And about the baggage thing... Men are right. Women sometimes carry that a little too hard and I've learned a lot in that aspect. I now know that carrying around baggage is something entirely different from simply being cautious. Feel me?


I pretty much agree with a lot of the opinions stated above, but to NOT sound redundant, I'm going to offer a slightly different spin.

Firstly, let's define "crazy."

1. mentally deranged; demented; insane.
2. senseless; impractical; totally unsound: a crazy scheme.
3. Informal. intensely enthusiastic; passionately excited: crazy about baseball.
4. Informal. very enamored or infatuated (usually fol. by about): He was crazy about her.
5. Informal. intensely anxious or eager; impatient: I'm crazy to try those new skis.
6. Informal. unusual; bizarre; singular: She always wears a crazy hat.
7. Slang. wonderful; excellent; perfect: That's crazy, man, crazy.
8. likely to break or fall to pieces.
9. weak, infirm, or sickly.
10. having an unusual, unexpected, or random quality, behavior, result, pattern, etc.: a crazy reel that spins in either direction.
–noun 11. Slang. an unpredictable, nonconforming person; oddball: a house full of crazies who wear weird clothes and come in at all hours.
12. the crazies, Slang. a sense of extreme unease, nervousness, or panic; extreme jitters: The crew was starting to get the crazies from being cooped up belowdecks for so long.
—Idiom13. like crazy, a. Slang. with great enthusiasm or energy; to an extreme: We shopped like crazy and bought all our Christmas gifts in one afternoon.
b. with great speed or recklessness: He drives like crazy once he's out on the highway.

What all the definitions above have in common is that when one is acting "crazy," they are going against the grain or norm based on the standards established by society. In short, it is suspect or atypical behavior. When it comes to love/relationships, "crazy" behavior comes about as a result of letting down one's guard, becoming vulnerable to another, and trusting that another individual will conform to non-threatening behavior. I'm sure that if a blog was posted about the crazy stuff that men do, there would be a whole wealth of opinions out there supporting that as well. I'm sure that we can all look back into our past and find something we did that was a bit "crazy" or off. The more experience one obtains in relationships throughout the course of life, the more he/she understands the depth of feelings and emotions they have. Thus, the "crazy" behavior becomes less frequent because he/she is no longer on unchartered terriorty. Unfortunately, some people do not learn from their experiences and the same insecure feelings surface time and time again. Other people at times are looking for someone to "complete" them, and when the integrity of that completion or whole gets compromised by the slightest thing, "crazy" behavior kicks in as a defense mechanism.

Now this is totally not to say that crazy behavior is justified in any way. I just wanted to put a slightly different spin on this instead of jotting down all the crazy experiences I've had. In all honesty, I don't think I'd have enough space - lol.

Everyone is different. We all have different likes, dislikes, tastes, agendas, etc. You will not be able to avoid crazy behavior on your path to finding "the one." And even then, there will be things that will be interpreted as crazy due to the gender and hormonal diversities between the sexes.

~ mic drop ~

Reecie said...

The whole "women are crazy" 8 out of 10 times comes from men are doing shady stuff. Too many men don't take the time to reflect on how they contributed to a situation.

For instance...if a woman is calling you over and over, or showing up at your house unannounced...could it be that you have given her reason to believe that she is on higher status than she really is? If you're telling a woman you love her, or she is the only one for you, etc...then don't act brand new when she asserts herself in what would be an otherwise overbearing or outrageous manner.

Personally, I don't believe in playing myself and acting chasing after a man. I will call you once and leave a message and after that...if you don't pick up the phone to call me- good riddance. But...I don't think it makes a woman crazy to want to find out what is happening.

Also like it has been said before, the kind of women men deal with can be directly attributed to the kind of women they pursue. How often does the nice wholesome girl get pursued?

Anyway...I would agree that there are a lot of women who have problems (and an equal amount of men)...but men should use that knowledge and appreciate the reasonable and good women even more instead of continuing to puruse the "crazy" ones.

Oh yeah and BMW...that was one far out story.

Kep said...

I think the question posed is interesting. I've never had the thought pop in my head that women are crazy. The thought that generally pops in my head is "Man, women just don't know WHAT they want!" Then, after I get over my frustration, that thought is replaced with "Women take a lot of work." That latter statement is just to say that women require a lot more attention to detail. Guys, you can pretty much say whatever you want to, and, with the exception of a person's particular issues, you don't have to worry about offending anyone as long as the attention is good.

Women, on the other hand like to read between the lines. . . even when there isn't anything on them. They notice every subtlety in our mannerisms, voice inflections, word choice, and mood. . . not to mention what we don't say, show, etc. I think what most, if not all, men struggle with when interacting with women is that we tend to not want to deal with the details. We want the bottom line.

*testosterone induced dumb voice*"Baby, you want me to share how I'm feeling more? Okay, I don't be wantin' you around sometimes."

Which brings me back to the first thought that pops into my head when frustrated with women. "Women just don't know what they want." It can appear this way if someone's just dealing with the bottom line. In this example, she wants me to share more right? No. That's just the bottom line, and if I just focus on that, I forget that she also wants to be appreciated.

Long story short (probably wish I'd started with this, hunh?): I don't think women are crazy. They just require a lot of attention to detail and balance. You can't just give a women what she asks for in one instance, you have to remember what she's asked for in the past too. . . which sometimes means not giving her everything she asks for, lol!


Kep said...

P.S. As much as we would all like to believe that we are logical creatures, people in general just don't make sense. We do things based on how we're feeling, perceive things, etc. and that's affected by all kinds of randomness, some present and others past. In summary, we're all crazy.


MysTery said...

Yep yep Kep! I must agree! Even though I'm not a fella!

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