Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How You Start Is How You Must Finish

Hell yeah something's up with him. And no, you are not crazy. It was in the way you texted him when you got home and didn't get the normal "alright baby girl. it was good seeing you" text. The way in which he handed you car fare, and walked away without a word after you said thank you. The way in which he spent dag on near an hour in the kitchen and let Chris Rock entertain you. You went over because you wanted HIM to entertain me. Not skinny, nasty mouth Chris Rock! And you don't even like comedy like that. The dead giveaway? He washed dishes. You've never seen him away from you long enough to wash dishes AND make a meal when he's in your company. You hardly see each other as it is. There's never been time for dishes! "Alright. Well the cab is coming so..." Oh! [Blank stare.] Is that what's up? And he didn't even walk you downstairs. It's apparent in everything he said and didn't say; in everything he did and didn't do. How you start is how you have to finish. Otherwise, it's illuminatingly clear that something's up. So he needs to stop saying "i'm cool" and spill the beans like a big boy and less like a punk. Now, that's what's up.

I swear, sometimes men are WORSE than us.

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