Friday, October 10, 2008

I was sitting around a lot of single women, so it was like church up in there. Outstretched "I Surrender" arms, gruntled faces, outbursts of confirmations... Maxwell was the next Jesus.

I needed him in a smaller venue. Even though I had orchestra seats, I needed to be closer to him so I could feel him, breathe him and get lost inside of him. I did a little of that from far, but the connection wasn't powerful enough. How was he supposed to see how cocoa buttery I was for him? How could he see that I dressed my eyes perfectly for that sparkly smokey effect I know he would have liked? How was he going to smell the new perfume that I wore? I need Maxwell to see me. I'm not asking for a private performance, just one in which he sees no one in the room but me.

He wasn't as overly cool as I expected him to be. He had an enormous amount of energy. It was great. He even played around a little. Said a few witty things and shared a few jokes. He was like a friend. I appreciated that. His humility was refreshing too. He thanked us more times than I can count on one hand. He was cute when he said he thought we were going to throw tomatoes at him for singing his new song. He knew dag on well that it didn't matter WHAT came out of his mouth... with his fine self.

How can I make this not sound so "thirsty"? Umm... hmmm.... ummm.... I had visions. I don't mean like everyone else though. I wasn't trying to pretend like I was the woman in Maxwell's arms. When Maxwell was on his knees with his back to us simulating some foreplay-esque stuff, I was transmitted to another world. As I watched him, I could help but think if I would be so turned on by the man I actually end up with. Will my man actually be able to have that presence in the bedroom and be so damn fine? Will he really be as grown man as Maxwell was? You know what? I appreciate how still Maxwell was during those scenes. When most sexy, male celebrities do their thing on stage, they usually drop to the floor real fast in push-up position and hump the stage like a rabbit. Not Maxwell. Don't get me wrong. He did a little humping too, but it was like an experience - a journey. How do I explain this? I don't know. He was just so still. Patient. Quiet but not shy. Am I making sense to anyone right now or am I in my own little world? Well, whatever it is, it's extremely mature. It's like making love without even taking any clothes off. That's what I want.


Eb the Celeb said...

I think that is by far the best review of a show I have ever heard... mad I missed it the other night but come Nov. 23rd I will be front and center

Reecie said...

Giiirl....Maxwell is the business in concert, I mean simply incredible....the personification of sexiness. I saw him in concert I guess about 6 or so years ago and I was blown away. He is a total aphrodisiac...but I had no man then and I don't have a man now so the last thing I need in my life is to be frustrated because I have ZERO options. Plus he is charging something ridiculously crazy for his tickets out here and even if I was willing to shell out $100 for a ticket, I KNOW nobody else would be willing to. Oh well...I can only hope it doesn't take another 6 years for him to come to town again and that when he does my man situation will be hitting on somethin.

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