Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not Right

"Should anybody ask for me
Tell 'em I'll be right back
In a real short time
It's just that I lost my mind
Gotta find it
[You want] to hop on my train of thought
I'll get back here
To collect myself
There's really nothing you can do to help"

The planets are not aligned. Things just aren't right. I need a second to get back on top of my game. Can you believe that I've been hurting people's feelings? Ugh! That makes me sick to my stomach. And of course it would be the people who love me the most. I'm just not paying attention. I'm so into my world that I'm becoming complacent about other people's lifes and needs. This is not what Jesus would do. I need to readjust and realign.


MysTery said...

Do your thing girl!

Anonymous said...

I feel you J.A.C.

Anonymous said...

ps...Brandy Afrodisiac album (Love it!) You have to be a real afficionado to quote that album!

Eb the Celeb said...

I feel ya... I've been a little aloof lately as well

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