Thursday, October 02, 2008

Yes, I Can!

15 Things to Do Before 10/09
- go snowboarding
- obtain an IRA
- write 7 fantastic songs
- get baptized
- have a committed relationship with a strong and spiritual man
- take a European trip with my sis
- spend a random weekday in a luxury hotel
- become AmEx debt free
- fine tune my cooking skills
- put together a photography portfolio
- take my vitamen daily
- gain no more than 5 lbs.
- take latin and ballet dance courses and pilates for excerise
- become BOMB at my job and get a good raise
- get into interior design
inspired by Essence magazine


T.C. said...

You can do it!!!! I know you can do it...i have set some goals but they aren't as detailed and they are to be met before 08/10 my 30 i can totally dig it!

MysTery said...

Good list! I need to make one! You got it girl!!

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