Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Tribute to Maxwell

In 1996, I was too young to appreciate everything that this man is. But when he spun around and dropped to the floor during his first re-appearance on the last awards show, something in my chest got real tight. Goosebumps attacked my arms and my breath got really short. I lost all of my senses and actually had to work to pull myself out of a trance. Sigh... This newfound love affair with Maxwell Rivera, my Puerto Rican and Haitian work of art, will be incredible. Tomorrow I will be sitting on the floor of Radio City Music Hall, simply ready. Ready for him to take me. I hope I don't lose my mind... =/ Gotta keep it classy for my baby now.

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PreciousGem-Refinement in Progress said...

WHAT!! Where were you in late 98 early 99? We were fresh outt high school and went to every Maxwell show that came to the DC area...pressed...He is the best that ever did it. Enjoy the show!

Jenn Will said...

I always liked Maxwell....then i went to see him...and the love affair began. That man puts on a show like no other. I'll be seeing him Nov 1, I can't wait. Enjoy!

blkbutterfly said...

i was 12 back in '96, so i can relate to not fully understanding his greatness until now. oh, and Fortunate is my song! at my wedding (whenever that is), that song will def. be played. :-)

he'll be here Nov. 7th. i can not wait! how was the show?

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