Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Ladies Speak Up

In the spirit of "craziness", I think it's about time I post a collection of unedited quotes and stories I received from my girlfriends back on August 11th. My mother and I were sitting around laughing at some of the "crazy" stuff that men do, and she suggested I poll my girlfriends into finding out just how "crazy" they are. =) As the emails started flooding in, my girlfriends and I all had a good laugh and bonded over the silliness that is relationships. Now, this is by no means an attempt to take a stab at the gentleman who commented in the previous post "Question To The Fellas", so be easy. (Check it out if you already haven't. Especially the comments.) This is sincerely all in fun and seems to naturally flow with that topic. The lesson from all, if not most, of the experiences below is HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. But you know how that goes...

Calling all my ladies around the world,

I need your men based WTH moments! You know... those responses or one liners that you've heard from men that are so unbelievable and idiotic that all you can do is stare at them with a blank face.

Email me one or two please!

A 35 year old man tells me to hit him on facebook and myspace because he's not a phone person. WTH?!

On a casual day, T bumped into an old associate that she knew from school. Because it was nice to see him, they exchanged numbers and went about their merry way. The next day, she wakes up to a text message from him FULL of spelling errors saying, "Du u dreank? Kuz I du." (Do you drink, cuz I do.) Blank stare.

While going through a hard time, you call him multiple times to try to work it out, yet he doesn't answer. So you figure that you better snap out of it and take a hint. Yet you get an email a couple of days later saying, "You're still the one for me. I love you." Blank Stare....

You have a wonderful weekend together, but yet don't hear from him for a couple of days. Monday goes by, then Tuesday, then Wednesday. On Thursday you finally decide to call and he answers, "Yo! What's up ma?!" Blank Stare. For real?

You go through (what you think) is an emotional break up. Many things are said to suggest that there is no going back, the relationship is over. He apologizes for hurting you. But doesn't object when you suggest that the two of you should be over....No contact whatsoever until....A couple of days later he texts.... "are you near a computer? can you look up so hotels for my mother, she's in New York" I'm confused. Was I on the phone with you that day? Or was that your double?

After an incredibly underwhelming 1 minute (I'm dead serious, 1 minute) performance in the sack, the guy tells me "you took that like a champ"...yeah that got a blank stare.

“You know I love you. Why do I need to say it all the time. I’m not into that mushy stuff.” WTH!

“Why do we have to call it boyfriend/girlfriend? Why cant we just say we’re exclusive” Or “You already know what it is between me and you. We don’t need a title. I don’t like titles.” WTH! You also don’t like being committed to one person you cheating...

“I just saw you two weeks ago. It wasn’t that long. You acting like 2 weeks is a long time.” WTH!

“I’m playing video games right now. I’ll call you back when I’m done” (meanwhile he never calls you back) WTH! Tricks are for Kids and so are video games.

We've been talking for about three weeks, and have had about three phone conversations. He would rather text! One night, he hits me up at like 11p.m., "Sup, lady." I see it but don't respond out of annoyance. The next day, I tell him not to text me anymore. To call me, even if I don't pick up leave me a message or I'll see the missed call. What does he do??? He texts me while I'm at work ("How's your day going?") because he knows I can't speak on the phone, and doesn't hit me up in the evenings. He texts me every day, but still hasn't mentioned seeing me again. WTH?!

"Girl what do you mean? i know i haven't called you, and i know its been a couple of days, but you can't be acting like that know we SOUL mates." Now of course this is said AFTER we haven't spoken in 3-7 days due to an argument that was totally blown out of proportion and probably an argument created by him so he can get out of doing something or going somewhere or just so he could have "3 days off" to do him. Blank stare.

"Even though you ain't talking to me and need your space, i still turned down this woman that wanted to talk to me" LMBAO...yea sure you turned her down...and you throwing her in my face means what to me?... that you got somebody on the side now right??? incredible!

You make plans to go out and he agreed to go with you to make a couple of stops prior to going out. After making those stops, we come back to my house to park my car and get in his vehicle. While I am parking he says, "I am going to go home now." All the while I felt something was off. I say "Ok, is everything ok?" He says, "I am going home. I will call you tomorrow." I say, "Why come to my house and agree to go out while you have an attitude?" He says, "I don't have an attitude. Men don't get attitudes." He text me, "I'm home" when he got home. SMH...we don't believe you, you need more people.

Just a little comedy... Hope you enjoyed!


Reecie said...

lol...I forgot all about this! I might have a few WTH moments to add, but I'll save that for the next round.

T.C. said...

I was falling out...CLASSIC indeed!

PreciousGem-Refinement in Progress said...

Okay # 1 is the truth. This is definitely the downside of online networking. Folks begin to think it's the only mode of communication, naw ace!

miss alisa said...

I might be the only woman in the world like this but I actually PREFER texting over talking. The young lady who was annoyed because the guy would only text and never call... That's right up my alley. I HATE talking on the phone. Send me a text any day.

MysTery said...

Men don't get attitudes!? WHATTTTTTTT!!??? What planet do you live on!? LOL!

Thanks for sharing! Guys are a trip.

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