Friday, October 03, 2008


I've been taking B-Complex vitamens everyday for about 2 weeks and I have to say that it makes a difference. I originally bought them so that my behind wouldn't get so testy during PMS, but taking my 9am dose has extremely improved my mood and attitude. I haven't been moody in 2 weeks! My spirits are insanely high and I feel like I'm walking on air. I understand that what I'm describing sounds like I'm high, but I'm not. Or maybe I am. Vitamens are supposed to pick you up right? Regardless, my energy levels are fantastic. Last night, someone said that I looked like I was glowing and jovial. That's exactly what I'm going for. I'm so not stressed, and it shows! My spirits are souring.

Today's the beauty sale at work. Everything will be under $5. It's going to be so much fun. My cousin and aunt have already sent me on a mission for certain products so it's a good thing that I'm going into the fashion department early. (They made us schedule appointment times to shop to avoid crazed masses of women fighting over a bottle of Chanel nail polish.) I don't really NEED anything per se, but you know how that goes. I could always use more nail polish and perfume. What the fashion department REALLY needs to have is an accessories sale. Shoes, bags and jewelry. Now THAT would be something.

Speaking of work, how is it possible that I'm still in love with my job 10 months in? Usually I become bored or someone/something about the everyday job presses the wrong button, but this time around, it's perfect. There's not thing that I would change. What I like most about working at Essence is that it allows me the room to be me and find me. While we're still corporate, other jobs have been very stiff or conservative or just plain ole white. But here, I'm able to breathe. I can plaster my wall with pictures of beautiful brown ladies and not get the side eye. I can wear my hair naturally curly and not become a spectacle. I can say "hey girl!" to my co-worker and not be tagged as 'the urban girl'. I can present sales numbers in meetings and not be the young girl who doesn't know what she's talking about. It's just so easy here. AND (this is a bonus for me), the work's not easy. I'm mentally stimulated almost everyday. It helps that I adore the product as well. (In my humble opinion, Essence and Uptown are the best African-American magazines out there.) And then to be surrounded by so many intelligent and beautiful strong woman... I can go on all day. I just have to thank Jehovah God for putting me in this place. I prayed for it with all my might, and like a Father true to His word, He made it possible.

I'm just so happy with my life. It couldn't be more perfect right now. There's no drama. I have different buckets of friends all over the city that I love. I'm enjoying life without obligations to a man or children. I feel beautiful from the inside out. I'm doing what I love. And I'm partaking in my side passions. I'm trying to be very careful to remember this feeling though, because we can take moments of joy for granted. When I'm 30, stressed out with kids, a husband, and other annoying things of life, I'll be able to think back, remember this feeling, and pull it forward to brighten my day and perspective. Prayerfully, this state of joy will never abandon me, but that's up to me and my mental state, right? Think happy thoughts and you shall be happy!



I am so happy for you! That was a great post! It made me smile after a LONG week! But you certainly helped me put things in perspective !

Deja~I~Am said...

This sounds perfect! What is special is that you are taking the time to recognize it while its here. Most times we look back and are like, "dang, that time was so fun and I rushed through it." Good for you that you are perceptive enough to partake of the enjoyment in your current state and not live for the future or the past. KUDOS!

T.C. said...

Get it! This is EXACTLY what life is all about! Being happy living in the moment and enjoying who you are RIGHT NOW in this very moment!!!!

This truly made me smile to know that you are so full of i was driving to my madea's house Friday afternoon I threw that Teedra CD in the rental car and partied it up all the way down there...and I thought about you and it made me smile from ear to ear...good to know that you were feeling the same vibe on friday too!

MysTery said...

Girl that is wonderful!!!!! :D

Liz said...

(Secret: I started taking Vitamin B too for my trip to Jamrock in Dec (supposedly deters mosquitos) and it really does give you a gleeful sentiment/aura!!) Well, I'm lovin that your lovin it!! I'm glad you are taking it all in and continue to enjoy every second, every moment, the perfection,the imperfections and document-document-document!!! ;-) xo

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