Friday, December 28, 2007

Ran-Dumb Thoughts

I'm scratching my head trying to figure out why I'm sitting at work. I just walked around the office and the entire opposite side is abandoned. There is honestly not a person in site. On my side, there are 5 of us here. Next year, when I have vacation, I'll know what to do. This is just sitting here with nothing to do. At least we have a half a day.

I hate to be a cliche but I hate Madden (unless I'm playing it). You can be having the nicest or the deepest conversation with a man when he cuts you off and says that he's about to play a game of Madden. I swear that Madden steals the souls of men and reverts them to children. Madden is evil.

I got a new camera and took pictures of the office today. I felt like a spy because no one's here.

I'm still not sure what to do with my hair. My aunt asked me what I was going to do with the front of my hair and I seriously have no clue. She said it's fine for after the captain's dinner but what am I going to do when I'm dressed up. Ha! She made me laugh with that one. But for real though, I need to figure something out.

Have a safe NYE people.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hair Dilemma Number 52

I've been thinking very hard...very very hard about what to do about my hair. It's plagued my mind for a while now as the cruise gets closer and closer. With 15 days to go, I figured I'd better figure out something kick. I told my cousin last night that I don't mind looking like a wild child in front of my friends, but when it comes to pictures... yeah. Don't take any. But we all know how impossible that's going to be, so after pondering wigs, weaves and braids, I decided to do something bold last night and wet my hair while in the shower. I had no idea what I was going to do with it or what it was going to look like when I got out, but I didn't really care. I have a hair appointment on Saturday, so I figured I could go a few days looking like a fool if I had to. I hadn't seen my hair wet in a while...especially since my hair isn't let loose long enough to look in a mirror while in the beauty shop. Lol. Ha! I'm laughing because it's amazing how everyone bum rushes you with some sort of tool whether it be a towel, a blow dryer, a comb, or rollers, as soon as you come out of the wash bowl. Do you realize that if our hair is left wet and unattended to longer than 5 seconds at the hairdresser, sirens go off?! You better believe that some one's always coming to straighten it out. Thank you Madame C. J. Walker! But anyway... I digress. So I get out the shower, go on about my business lotioning up and remembering to avoid the mirror. I figured it would be good practice because while on the beach and in the pool, I'm not going to have the ability to run to a mirror every 5 seconds, so why not play out the role now. So I managed to leave the bathroom without looking in the mirror. I came back 15 minutes later and oh my goodness!!! I'm not as dry and wild as I thought I would be! The back of my hair is curly! It's actually curly! I completely forgot that my new haircut would lend to a close curly do. I ran into my cousin's room and said "Look!" She was like "Wow! The back of your hair look really pretty!" Ladies and gentleman. I can not believe it. My hair looks good wet! HA! Now notice that I can only speak for the back. My front pieces have always been the bane of my existence. For some reason, the front of my head REFUSES to curl. But I'm not worried because I have all the gels, leave-in conditioners and curling appliances in the world. I'm going to figure out the front of my do. Even if I just decide to throw a headband on everyday. I'd rather do that than pay $500 for a weave or $200 for braids. I don't do braids anymore and I surely don't want to pay for a weave that I'm going to take out since I don't really like extra mess in my hair. So I have another 2 days to master this style before my appointment on Saturday. I'm excited!

It's amazing how much we go through as black women when it comes to hair. But I guess that's all just another part of us. It's important and it requires sacrifices. It's our crown and glory.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Oh my goodness, I love my job! Why did Essence just have their fashion and beauty sale today??!! You know I went off! All 50+ African-American women in there were going off. Talk about MAD RUSH! It was so hot in that room, BUT it paid off! Mascara, Lip Gloss, Eye Shadows, Foundation, Hair Products, Candles, Scrubs, Self-Taners, Nail Polish, Cuticle Remover, Beauty Masks, Wigs (yes wigs), Curling Irons, Spa Robes... Motions, Chanel, Sally Hanson, Cover Girl, Clinique, Maybelline, Bobbi Brown, Carol's Daughter, L'Oreal.... These are some pretty no nonsense name brands right? So of course you would think, okay... a sale? j.a.c. You're still going to have to come out of your pocket for all of this stuff...


Think again!

Everything for $1!!!!!!!!!

What is it about makeup and beauty products that get women so excited? Why were we shoving and pushing each other to get to the lip gloss and eye makeup bins? What is it about Motions hair care products that send women rushing to the other side of the room to grab the last bottle of sheen? I don't know. But whatever it is, whatever this addictive drug is, I LOVED IT!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Do Nothing

"When you don't know what to do, do nothing."

I think that's one my staple principles in life. I've had to repeat it to myself more than usual since I moved to NY. There are just so many decisions to make. Where should I unpack that box, which accounts should I close, should I sell my car, if so when... My head's beginning to hurt. Actually, it already hurts. I'm especially tired today too. I didn't get my normal hours of beauty sleep and I'm really feeling it. My eyes are so heavy. But I'll be up soon. I'm going to see Erro tonight. He'll wake me up.

I can't wait until Friday. The office closes at 1pm and I'm on the 3pm train to MD. Having 5 days home with the fam is going to be nice. I miss my little sister. I feel like I haven't seen her in years. I can't even remember the last time I saw her. Aww. Pooh! =) My baby sister is graduating from college in May. It's common to say "I can't believe it!" but I actually can. She's been struggling in Oklahoma. It's so out of her element to be in the midwest. Who wants to live in the midwest?! lol.

Have a safe holiday season people!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Ran-Dumb Thoughts

I've been starving, so I'm glad it's lunch time. I'm eating leftovers. My favorite. I think it's the fact that you don't have to go out looking for something else and you're saving money and/or time. Instead, I'm already ready to go! And being as cheap as I am when it comes to food, I love stretching meals over two days. It's perfect!

*Grunt* I'm full.

I just looked over to my bulletin board and I have all these flight and train confirmations pinned up. I did the same thing at my old job. My "travel" wall was always filled with another confirmation. I stay on the road or in the sky. Unfortunately, none of them are ever extravagent, international trips, but I'm happy nevertheless. It's always great to see a confirmation that allows you access to visit your family.

I don't love New York enough to stay here. Apparently not one non-native New Yorker does either. I'm in NY for a career. Point. Period. Blank. It is not a place to raise a family or live for long extended periods of time. In order to live in a cold state, you MUST have a car. There are no if ands or buts about that. It's a requirement. So this New York thing is temporary. I'd live in LA or San Diego for the rest of my life before I'd live in any part New York. California is easy. I'm telling you, Californians are spoiled.

Guess who just popped up on my Pandora music player? Pink's first single. I used to love this song. "There you go. Looking pitiful just because I let you go." She was perpretrating a fraud on this entire CD. That girl knew she wasn't no R&B singer. But I guess she had to do what was best for her at the time...

Is anyone coming to concert? I'd love to see a performance at Madison Square Garden. If I were going to be here, I would see Chris Brown. I love that boy. I bet his concert is awesome! I should see him before he gets to be Usher's age and loses his abilities. Chris Brown can fly through the air now, but might have a little trouble when he turns 27!

Questlove, Erro and Teedra will all be at SOB's soon. Good stuff. I'll be on the cruise during Teedra's show. Darn! I actually miss Erro. I feel like it's been a while. Like I haven't seen my baby. Guess I'll be checking him out this Wednesday on my own. Don't feel like being bothered with asking other people to go see someone they're not familiar with. Cuz then I'll have to explain, and I just don't feel like it.

Bout to go to a meeting. Holla!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Pregnancy - A Fad?

"She's Pregnant!!"

Why is everyone pregnant (or a new mom)?!

Jessica Alba - newly pregnant
Nicole Richie - newly pregnant
Jennifer Lopez - expecting twins
Brittney Spears - with her 15th or so child
Halle Berry - finally pregnant
Tameka Raymond - new mom
Selma Hayek - new mom
Katie Holmes - Suri's mom
Angelina Joile - mom to a whole bunch of babies
Gwen Stefanie - new mom
Heidi Klum - new mom
(Mind's going blank. Fill in the rest.)

Who's next? Queen Latifah?!!

I mean, who would have thought that being pregnant, a diving blessing from God, would become nothing more than a mere fad!! Are these people really ready to be parents or are they just following the crowd? You tell me.

Lovin Life

Hey Blogworld,

How's life going? Are you staying upbeat and motivated in this crazy society? I'm asking because there's really nothing to frown about. You're alive. You have people around you that love you. You have a job that allows you survive. You have cute clothes in your closet. You can always find food. Your faculties are working. And you can make it from one place to another. Of course there's so much more to be grateful for, but you get the gist. A lot of times, when you go through your trials and hurdles, you forget about all of the great things. I know I did when I thought I was being tortured at my old job. I felt like I was going to die! It's funny how we always make things to be worse than they are. So when you find yourself doing that, sit down for a second, take a deep breathe, and thank Jehovah for all of the blessings that you do have. This is all much easier said than done, but I promise it'll bring you back to reality if you do.

I have so much to be thankful for. I can't believe how drastically my life has changed and how well I've transitioned. I'm happier than I have been in a long time and would change absolutely nothing about my life. Everything is perfect. Yes, even the long distance relationship. Granted it's only been a week, but I've never felt closer to baby boi. My love for him is stronger than ever. Working for Essence is fabulous. My commute is under 30 minutes. Money just seems to keep coming in. My family is right here. It's purely amazing. I feel like I can cry because of how magical everything seems at this moment. It's unbelievable. So... I resolve to live in this moment. To soak it all in and be happy regardless of all the crap going on around me. I'm living in a rainbow and I'm going to stay here as long as possible. I'm lovin life.

Keep your heads up ladies and gentleman. Live in your rainbow.



Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Good Morning New York

So I'm official. I've managed to move, settle in and start my new job. It's still all a bit odd to me, but that feeling will go away soon. You know what though? The one thing I've noticed since I've stepped off the plane is that everyone is so fabulously dressed! (That would be the first thing I notice huh?) The tailored coats, the bags and the boots..Oh My! I feel like I need to step my game up. And it doesn't help that I work at a fashion and beauty magazine. The caliber of grooming and dressing has increased! These people are SHARP! Do you hear me? SHARP. So yes, I must accentuate my wardrobe with long leather gloves, special accessories, the perfect headgear for every coat, special shoes, unique tights, and more fabulous bags. And of course, I must keep my hair done at all times. I'm feeling kind of pressured, but I love it. What girl who loves to shop wouldn't appreciate the pressure to step her game up?

On another note, I'm excited about what the future holds. I think this change is going to prove great. My relationship with baby boi will strengthen, I'll gain more experience in a field I admire, Jehovah and I will become closer, and my finances will be able to exhale. This is going to be good ya'll. Really good.

I hope all is well on everyone else's side. It looks like I'll be in before my manager and co-workers, so I hope to check in on everyone a bit more frequently. Bisou Bisou! (Kiss Kiss)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

My Send Off Soiree

So you know we had a ball right? =) It was one of the most memorable nights ever. I will miss the mess out of my LA family... Thanks to party planner JennWill, I'm leaving with the most vivid, happy and fabulous memories yet. I love you LA!

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