Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

March Sucks/Rules!

My last post was a bit cryptic so I'm going to put a little context to it.

Here's how crazy our month has been. At the beginning of the month, MJ got a really nasty sinus infection and had stomach issues. He lost a LOT of weight. After that, we had a week of normalcy, which was short lived because MJ had a surprise issue that landed us in the emergency room at Howard University. Remind me to NEVER go there again. The place was so old fashioned and dirty looking! I thought it would have been more modern and impressive, but nope. I was fooled. Then shortly after, I got an infection which had me stressed the heck out. Then MJ had another flair up, which forced us to visit a specialist all the way in Annapolis. (You know it takes a lot longer to get to Annapolis from DC than it did from our old spot. Geez that was a long ride.)  Then on a hot day, we opened up the vent over our bed and forgot to close it before we went to sleep. So you know what that meant for us the next day - sore throats that felt like death. THEN the allergies kicked in. Have you seen all the green on the cars lately! It's crazy!Last night, I don't think my husband slept more than 3 hours. I almost kicked him out of the room due to all the hacking and spitting and coughing he was doing throughout the night.On top of everything, we've had to keep business pretty much as normal. For example, we ran down to the Hampton area for a wedding. We housed guests for a weekend. In Feb, we signed up for special activity in the ministry in which we dedicate 30+ hours in the field. And we've been remodeling our kitchen which we NEED to complete so I can start cooking again. Sidenote: Eating out every day is NOT ok. I think it's part of the reason why our health has been so poor. To supplement the poor eating habits though, we invested in some vitamins (which I took on an empty stomach this past weekend... UGH. Death again.)

Ironically, this month has brought us extremely close. My mom keeps telling us that we need to slow down on the house remodeling and designing, but I actually think it helps us. Otherwise, we'd be laying in the bed miserable, wallowing in our demise. Sprucing up our home, which I'm in love with, is keeping us sane.

Speaking of... Look! MJ put the hardware on the freshly painted doors this morning after he dropped me off at the metro. Aren't they beautiful!? I am too excited.

I love this house beautification process. It's coming together right before our eyes. I think I actually might be a bit sad when it's all done. There's a TON of work to be done though, so I think I have a while for that to happen.

Anyway, all in all, it's been a sucky but terrific month so far. One more week of March to go!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Still Calm

Marcus and I have had the weirdest, most mind-boggling, random month ever, and it's still not over. Good thing about it though is that we're taking it like champions. No one is falling apart. Our partnership and best friendedness is pretty tight. I wouldn't want to go through so many crazy and random things with anyone else. I love me some MJ.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

One of Those Days + Spray Paint

I sooo don't want to be here today. I struggled so hard to make it in to work and now I have 7 and a half hours to go before I can leave. Ugh! It's just one of those days. I need a break. I need a vacation. I have no stamina right now. Mental vacations are real people.

MJ got his bonus check. I'm excited but I'm not. I'm happy we have money, but it's daunting trying to figure out what best to spend it on. We have so many projects and plans that I fear making a wrong decision with the extra funds. Mo' money mo' problems right?

I've done a couple more things around the house. We're working on our cabinets now. I have a feeling it's going to take a while before the face lift is complete, but I'm going to push it along the best I can. I repainted some mirrors that are now hung in my living room. That went well. As you can see from the pics below, the mirror was originally a gold color which does not blend with my color palette.

So we got a can of spray paint that MJ had from his airplane hobby stuff and began spraying away...after we taped up the mirror with newspaper of course. I actually have no idea what color this is because I didn't care. As long as it was a grayish color, I was good.

 After that was done, I found another can of spray paint that was slightly more metallic and silvery than what I just spray painted on, so I had the bright idea to subtly mist over the darker gray to lay down a thin layer of silver. That way the darker gray can still peak through, creating an interesting look. 
Well apparently my spray can didn't know the meaning of subtle. (Or I just failed to stand back far enough to allow a misting of silver.) It turned out more silvery than I wanted, but I still like it.

After letting it dry overnight, we hung them in the afternoon of the next day. They were still a bit tacky, but the paint was definitely dry. I'll be sure to take a pic with them on the walls soon so you can see the finished product. I actually like spray painting things! More spray paint projects to come!!!!
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