Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Blog About Pure Materialism

Last night, I attended the sneak preview of Sex and the City, and I am officially on a fashion high. Do you know that I dreamt about the movie last night and therefore am up at 6:41 in the morning blogging about it? I don't even have to go to work today! How crazy is this?! I feel like I'm on some sort of drug. I haven't been this over the top excited since "Devil Wears Prada"! I know you remember the scenes where Andy transformed and walked through the streets of NY head to toe in Calvin Klein and Chanel. Ugh! I was green with envy during those scenes.
Well the movie was absolutely fantastic. And the clothes were even better. I've never minded Carrie's crazy collaborations. I sorta fancy some of them. Especially when she pairs hard and dark accessories with soft and bright dresses. But the individual pieces (i.e. bags, shoes, jackets, jewelry, etc.) that popped up in the film had my head spinning. Charlotte had this feathery bag that I went crazy over...Then there was Carrie's black peep toe sandals...Miranda had this necklace on while having V-day dinner with Carrie that I wanted to snatch off her neck...And I've never cared much for Samantha's style but even I was looking really googlie-eyed at her ginormous beach hat. The fashion was incredible. Oh! And what high fashion store was Carrie in during one of the early scenes of the movie?! DIANE VON FURSTENBERG!!! (If you've read the blogs, you know she's my fav.)
So this is sort of a downer, but what the movie made me realize is that I'll never have enough money. I'm trying to come away from the film with a positive, upbuilding outlook, but it's hard when you see amazing fashion pieces that you want which inevitably costs as much as my dag on ivy league college tuition. Last night after the movie, I was tempted to step into the nearest store and charge the next best thing. Thank goodness my cousin was with me though. (Here comes the whining..) But how long until I can have the Louis Vuitton bag? Christian Louboutin boots? A Monique Lhuillier gown? A Chanel jacket? DAG ON IT! Why is life so unfair!!!!!????!?! Lol.
But lately I've been on this 'things-I-will-never-have-or-do' kick that I need to stick a knife through. Things like walk a red carpet in a designer gown, ride in a private jet, have a personal stylist, shop in private collection... The things that are staples in a celebrity's life. My sister said that I could have it all if I worked for it. But I then pouted and said that I didn't want to have to work for it. Typical me.
Ooo! I forgot to mention... Carrie's closet! Mr. Big built Carrie a closet that... there are no words. You just have to see this thing. It was more than beautiful. Shelfs and doors and shoe racks, oh my! It's funny because last night while putting clothes away into my small closet, I got really Carrie jealous. My family has always told me that I have a lot of clothes, but I didn't believe them until yesterday when my co-worker said that she's always curious to see what I have on because I have so many clothes. But in my defense, it's not that I have a lot of clothes. I just that I have different seasons to dress for. Does that make sense? Not really. Lol. Ok fine. I have a lot of clothes. Back to the closet. So yes. I'm Carrie jealous. I currently have 3 and 4 dresses and 2 sweaters a piece on ONE hanger. It's really frustrating. Mainly because I can't see what I have. But one day... I too shall have a big closet. Now THAT'S something I can easily reach for. He he!
So of course I will see the movie again to target and mentally log every j.a.c. friendly piece I adore. And to take in the story line too. Do you know that I cried? I'm such an emotional wreck sometimes. I wonder what they're going to do coming off of this movie. Meaning, will they sell dolls, have Sex and the City inspired paraphenalia everywhere (as if they already don't) or something else? There has to be some sort of capitalization on the film. You know what's interesting though is that Sarah Jessica Parker could have an amazing high fashion line. But instead 'Bitten' is her line of choice, which makes a significant tatement. While I appreciate the fashionable clothing at low-prices, there's no faking high quality. So you know what I need to do? Go vintage. My mother is the queen of vintage. But sometimes I just can't go through the crap to find the gems. What I need is the perfect consignment shop. I've actually seen one in LA, but can't remember where. Last night (a lot of things happened last night) on the news, they ran a story on the changing face of consignment shops due to our decapitating economy. The one that they featured in MD was a high end shop filled with designer labels. So that's my new mission in life. Find high-end consignment shops. My mom found a Calvin Klein jacket for me in one right here in NY. I have to ask her where that store is again. Maybe that can be a mother-daughter bonding experience. My love of high-fashion clothes combined with her special, thrifty, super shopping powers. Sounds like a winner!

If this isn't a blog about pure materialism...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Ran-Dumb Thoughts

I am bored out of my mind. Today was supposed to be my day off, but my manager asked me to stay. If it wasn't for the director's email telling us that "we are NOT leaving early" (yep. she put the 'not' in caps just like that.), my manager would probably have let me go realizing that we've handled everything for next week. I hope that the bus doesn't get caught in traffic on the way home. It IS a holiday weekend. Thank goodness for Bolt Bus though. Free Wi-Fi and outlets for cell phones and DVD players. I'm going to melt my hours away by watching season 1 of Heroes. I was dating a short but handsome guy when Heroes first came out. We planned to watch the season together, but that didn't happen.

I need to make a hair appointment. (I'm always getting my hair done!) Did I mention how much I love my haircut? No? Well I love it this much. It's so perfect for me. The ladies here at Essence really seem to love it as well. Especially when I wear my bangs. It's nice to finally find a hair style that works perfect for me.

Three more days of work before I take off for LA. Hallelujah! Baby boi said that he's taking control of the itinerary and that we will be very busy. Alrighty then. All I have to do is look pretty. Cool. I love it when the man handles everything and all you have to do is, well... nothing. It makes for a very relaxing, loving time.

My manager came over and said that I can leave. My bus doesn't leave until 5:30 so umm... I guess I can go out and enjoy the weather while I wait. I do need to look for a dress.

Aight kids. Enjoy the long weekend.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Celebrity Junk

Wow Michelle! I'm so proud of her! I hope the rest doesn't disappoint.

R. Kelly's trial finally starts today. This is going to be interesting. I can't wait to see how this turns out.

A whole bunch of music keeps leaking and I love it. Solange. Usher. Beyonce's 3 leaked songs aren't really impressing me much. Just like her last album, it's going to have to wear me down before I start falling in love with it. (Cuz I will fall in love with it if the media has anything to do about it.) If it wasn't for her voice and over the top performances, I don't know if she could continue the way she does.

Yo. I know everyone saw Fantasia's performance on Idol last week right? If not, here it is again. Incredible!

Speaking of Idol, if you vote at all, please vote for Cook. I can't STAND Archuletta. A CD full of ballads? Who can stand that?

Shout out to JennWill. Check out Ross the BOSS!

Have a fabulous day people. Don't forget to live in the present!

Monday, May 19, 2008

The CW Rocks!


Does anyone out there watch "Gossip Girl" and the genius that is "One Tree Hill"?!!


Fine. You're the one missing out.

"One Tree Hill" was absolutly amazing.


Elope? Elope! Elope. Hmm....


I'm a robot. On the F, V, B, D train. We're all robots. Navy, black, brown, grey and other dark, expensive suits. With crisp white and blue Brooks Brothers shirts/blouses. Ferragamo, Enzo Angiolini and Christian Louboutin shoes. Black leather briefcases from Calvin Klein or Coach. Louis Vuitton and Fendi bags. Burberry trenches and Tory Burch rainboots for bad days. It's always the same. Robots of the very high fashion kind. I never thought I could be so bored. Every day that I dress up for work, I wish that I hadn't. I looked down at my Enzo's and looked at my trench in the subway window and felt ridiculous. I'm so tired of standing/walking/riding with this sea of overpriced fashion hangers. Today, I lusted for originality. If I didn't have to wear a skirt tomorrow, I would dress for a reggae festival. Red, green and yellow t-shirt, ripped up jeans with some funky tennis shoes or flat sandals to match. Or like I'm coming straight out of the underground scene, obsessed with the color purple. I have these purple and grey tennis shoes that I still haven't worn, so I'ma find a purple sweater and wear my purple bangles and some purple eyeliner to make people look at me cock-eyed on the train that morning. Whatever it takes! I will NO LONGER be a robot!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I just had an AMAZING mini-vacay to none other than Norman, Oklahoma. That's right folks. Norman is where it's at! That's if you're attending your little sis' college graduation. (smile) Let me tell you...We Had A Ball! Just like yours, my family is comprised of a bunch of nuts! I forgot how embarrassing my grandfather can be at the dinner table. Apparently, he was ordering stuff at the restaurant that wasn't even on the menu! And of course, he's ALWAYS asking for hot sauce. Yes, that might be normal among us black folk, but wait though. Why did he ask for some special Appalachicola, FL (where he's from) brand that you and I BOTH know most restaurants will not have? Come on now Gramps! I'm telling you! He gets majorly unreasonable when ordering dinner! I don't know how many times he sent his plate back for one reason or another. Lol. I had some great laughs and even more special moments though. I'm so proud of my sister. While running the campus (president of this, co-chair of this, member of that), she managed to graduate with honors. She's such a show off!!! But I'm absolutely ecstatic for her.

So what else? I have a hair appointment Friday night, a concert in Philly on Saturday, and eye appointment the following Wednesday and then back out of town to the parent's house Memorial Day weekend. I haven't been in a house with my mother, father and sister in YEARS. It's going to be weird for all four of us to be under the same roof. Hopefully we can get through the long weekend without any fights. he he.

I'm going to a Mets game tonight. I can care less about the Mets, or baseball for that matter, but it's a nice day and it should be fun. I'm glad my cousin is coming along. I need to hang out with her more.

We get Summer Fridays here! That means I have every other Friday off this summer! How cool?! The job can get kinda stressful so it's worth it. I'll need a release every now and then.

The day's almost over and I need a snack before the game so I'll holla at ya'll later. Okay? Okay.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Fun Times

One thing Essence is good for is some champagne toasts. Whether things are going well, someone valuable leaves the company or we win an award, you can be sure there will be champagne. So we have two toasts this week. Fun Times!

The new June issue was tossed on my desk when I walked in yesterday. I always love getting the fresh first bound copy. It excites me. Anything new that speaks on fashion, beauty and the like excites me. (Speaking of, have you heard of a magazine called Mini? Fashionistically Fabulous!) Fun Times!

Tomorrow, Ronnie, Em and I are going to this networking social event. I'm excited about it because it reminds me a lot of back home. (Did I just say back home?!) I haven't been to a mixer in a while, let alone one in NY, so I'm looking forward to it. Fun Times!

My work week will be short next week. I'm leaving bright and early Thursday morning to join my sis, mom, dad, 4 grandparents, and bf for my sis's weekend graduation celebration. I seriously cannot wait for this. I've never wanted to walk around a huge campus in the heat of the summer in a dress and high heels while mingling with stuck-up, stiff people so badly in my life. Little sis is going to make an itinerary of all of the dinners, graduations and activities which undoubtedly will be cute. I can't wait! Fun Times!

And then the next weekend after that, Kanye, RiRi, NERD, and Lupe in Philly! More Fun Times!

And THEN, a full weekend in LA at the end of the month will be spent falling back in love with everyone that I left!! Even More Fun Times!!! *giggles*

Have a good weekend everyone! Happy MAY!
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