Thursday, August 30, 2012

SYTYCD - Dance My Pain Away and Breathing Below Surface

You have to get the music right into your ears. Put your headphones or your earbuds in. I'm telling you, it makes a difference. And then watch his face and the relationship Lauren has as she helps him dance his pain away. Mmmm. I've been waiting for this performance all season. That one performance. This is it.

And then this... UGH! So SEXY. And so quiet. I lOVE quiet sexiness. And then he was so in control. And you see the way he lifted her chin. And then the look and smile they gave each other. Phew! Moist.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DFinney Photo Is The

i LiVE!!!! DFinneyPhoto has stolen my heart!!!! Aren't her photos fabulous? I can't believe this is me! And this isn't even the full set! To see the complete photo shoot, click here. And check out the beauty who made me a beauty. Makeup by Denyelle.

PhotoS oF ME!!!!!

Ooh La La!!!! Look at me! Props to DFinney Photo!!!

click here to view

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

Ran-dumb Thoughts

i'm so tired i want to cry
my eyelashes hurt
my body hurts
i'm emotional
good thing i'm the only one at work today
i couldn't take too much
i might even leave early
true signs of pms

i have my old school pandora station on
remember kut klose?
"i like the way you tease me"
now public announcement is on
these old school R&B songs help me
i revert back to childhood
into days when things were easier
case's "happily ever after"
that song makes me feel i can breathe again
i will forever have a love affair with that song
i had it on repeat on my cassette tape for the longest
and the video...
i'm still in a trance over it
it's the perfect visual
i always wished i could be her
i still wish i could be her

Saturday, August 25, 2012

jendayi.asha.creative - New Blog

I Have A New Blog!

I've decided to separate out my creative interests like interior design and photography from my personal blog. Take a look at the new site! I'm really excited about it and believe I might start posting there more than here. But Zuri She Wrote is NOT going away. I need this blog for my sanity. =) Hope you enjoy the new site.

Britt's Storyboard

One of my friend's daughters asked me to send her some ideas for a black + white bedroom. Even though I've put ideas together for people before, this is my first formal storyboard. I love the format of the storyboard and am very happy with my design. She didn't pay me (insert frownie face here) being that I made an allowance for her. I felt bad charging her because 1. she didn't know I'm doing this as a business and 2. she's fresh out of high school. One day though, someone will pay me!

As far as business is concerned, I found my font for "j.a.designs". Now all I need is a logo and business cards. I'm getting there folks!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Potrait of Me, by DFinneyPhoto

Sometimes I feel forgotten and overlooked, but this past weekend was different. I felt alive! I got in front of the camera and then behind the camera and partied all at the same time. I think this feeling might last me for the rest of the week! Check out her work. I love the brightness she gives in her photos. It gives me life!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

jendayi.asha.creative * List of Services *

Sometimes my passions turn into business! While I do not advertise my services as a full fledged business, I have been asked by many associates/friends/acquaintances for a price list. Soo... Without further ado, here are my list of services with pricing. - natural light photography

~portrait session - $80
covers graduations, families, head shots, engagements/couples, singles, editorials photos
  • consultation prior to the shoot
  • photo session for 1 to 4 people
  • custom post processing of 15 - 20 of the best shots (selected by the photographer)
  • private e-gallery for ordering of prints

~events - $200 *Please note that I do not offer evening event photography. Outdoor bridal showers or indoor (with lots of natural light) brunches are examples of workable events.*

For samples of my work, visit on Facebook. - interior decorating consultant

~mini storyboard - $60
service + product combo that details the small finishes or little pieces you need help with; this service is for you if you're almost there but need that extra eye; allows you to take off running on completing your space.

~full storyboard - $125
service + product combo that details every element of your space's decor from the paint color to the furniture to the accessories; allows you to take off running on completing your space.

Storyboards include
  • a pre-design consultation
  • a first run storyboard and review with client
  • a second run storyboard
  • additional runs of the storyboard are $25 a piece
~styling - $75/hour
append this service to a storyboard service for a full A to Z interior design consultation; once pieces are delivered, i can assist in styling the space to your liking until there is a finished product.
  • limited to the DC metropolitan area

Friday, August 10, 2012

Remodel: Man Cave Bathroom v2

How's it look?! I'll update this post with final pics soon.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Ran-Dumb Thoughts

I got this Rick Ross/Nas playlist in my ear from Day2Day's site.
I feel like I shouldn't be listening to this.
What happened to all the censored versions?
I just wanted to get a little taste of what Rick's album sounds like.
Time to change.
Back to my random playlist on my phone.
And it's R.Kelly's TP2.
Is this much better?
Not really.
Beyonce's "Countdown".
I need to switch out my iTunes music.
I'm trying to act like I'm doing work.
But I'm not.
Got my blog window real small in the corner.
The work window is front and center.
Mondays are such a waste.
Work on Monday shouldn't be allowed.
I can never get anything done on a Monday.
I have to remember to do the text today.
I wonder if hubby is grouting the tile right now.
I can't wait to put the finishing touches on the room.
It's a pretty masculine bathroom.
But that's fine by me.
He can have it.
Gotta throw 1 or 2 cushy bathroom accents in.
My hair is so much better now that it's re-braided.
The other people in Largo did a wack job.
It is a little suspicious it only took 3 hours.
I'm excited for my faux wedding shoot.
Someone on fb went crazy over MJ and my pics.
She said we should take more photos together.
I agree.
But I like candid natural photos.
Hubby likes to get into his stance and pose.
He's so serious on the model tip.
I don't think I've ever seen him relax and laugh for the camera.
We gotta stop this structured statue stuff.
I'm feeling the urge to take some photos.
Happy summery ones.
Have you seen Ne-Yo's 'Lazy Love' video?
That's all I'ma say about it.
Why did I just think of that?
Oh, this Joe song playin in my earbuds.
With his freaky self.
Let's see.
I think it's vacation time.
A long weekend kind of vacation.
Where can we go?
What does Living Social have to offer?
Hmm, Orlando sounds nice.
What's the weather in Orlando during November?
4 days and 3 nights.
Why did I just think about the move Ace Ventura?
Ran-Dumb for real.

Remodel: Man Cave Bathroom

Seeing as our field service group is now meeting at our house every Saturday, we HAD to take care of this cracked toilet. I am not about to have an elderly lady topple over on account of my toilet. So if the toilet comes out, so does the entire bathroom. After my design and hubby's industriousness over the past 3 days, we're almost done!

Here's the cracked toilet that started the whole project.


And here's the before of the bathroom. Ugly, ugly, ugly.

After demolition, it looked even more ugly, but promising!

Here's hubby messing with the plumbing after mounting the flouting sink and painting the walls a "Dallas Cowboy" blue. It's the man cave so I can say nothing about it. Sigh.

And finally, here's the new tile, hubby applied. He's doing a killer job!

We still have grouting and sealing, putting up the baseboards, putting in the toilet and all the finishing touches to go.

I'll post a final pic when it's done!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Peaceful Luxuries

It's been a hard week. And it's not over.

I feel like I've been moving a mile a minute. You know how sometimes you go to sleep just so you can get ready for the next day? Well that's how I feel. Sleep hasn't been for me. It's been for preparation sake. I just need a moment to recollect myself. I would love a vacation but since that's no where in the works, I need to sit somewhere quietly and enjoy the peace. I would like very much to wander slowly through a museum actually. Maybe even to take my drawing pad and pencil, sit down in front of an artifact for 30 minutes and sketch. Something, anything to re-center myself. I remember the days in Long Beach when I would go to the park with my blanket, lay down and read for hours. Sounds like pure bliss to me. I miss the peaceful luxuries.

Yes, I'll make it happen.
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