Monday, November 28, 2011

If You Were To Write Your Dreams, What Would They Look Like?

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Tyler Perry's 'For Better Or Worse'

For a change, I like this Tyler Perry-created show. The first two episodes were cool. I love love love how Marcus stood his ground against his ex. I was worried that he was going to make a bad choice. But nope, he stayed loyal! We need more examples of loyal, black married couples. If you want to know what I'm talking about and the episodes are not sitting in your DVR or you haven't already watched them, click here to watch the full episodes. I hope this show gets a lot of support. Tune in on Fridays at 10pm on TBS.

Spiritual Thoughts

Been thinking about my relationship with Jehovah a lot more than usual over the past two weeks. I suppose it's because we had the visit of the circuit overseer who usually kicks us into shape. In one of his discourses, he told us to get it together not now, but RIGHT now. Of course, I've been teetering over this thought. Do I have it together?

Lately people, namely my family members, have been telling me that I'm growing or that I'm maturing or giving me little pieces of wisdom to help me in life. Unfortunately, I haven't been taking it well. I have a problem when I vocalize a thought and someone is shocked that I said it and deems me as maturing. That mess irks the heck out of me. My thoughts and decisions have been about the same for a while now. Maybe even years. But since I don't talk my thoughts out, when I finally do, my vocalized thoughts get treated like their brand new. It's truly annoying. Something inside wants to chastise myself though. Am I so big and bad that I can't just accept what people are saying to me? Do I have a problem with humility? I said that I've been pretty mature all my life. Do I need to reevaluate that perception of myself? One would think my mother would know me better than most people, so if she's says I'm maturing, maybe she saw something in me before that wasn't mature. I have a hard time believing that I wasn't mature though. But that last sentence right there can lead to problems. Am I overconfident? Pride is before a crash right?

Another thing my circuit overseer said was that when pressure arrives, what's in your heart comes out. In other words, he was telling us to root out all the bad things in our hearts at this moment for it gets really really REALLY hard in this world. I agree with him and totally understand, which is why I've been thinking a lot about what's in my heart. You want to know what's in my heart? You want to know what I'm attracted to? You want to know what I long for? To be blunt, a vampire movie, Christmas music and old holiday memories. Now as a JW, these are things I should quite be looking towards or longing after. When you think of Christianity, blood-sucking vampires don't exactly fall in the same circle. Christmas has nothing to do with Christianity and holidays are either man-made or pagan. My husband found the common theme in these things for me, which I didn't even notice. Twilight is about passion and love. Christmas music is about warmth, joy and love. Old holiday memories are about family, joy, warmth and love. He's right. What I truly want is the feelings I get from these things. It sucks that the feelings are all nicely wrapped in things I can't open. I don't know how else to get them so that I don't long for vampire movies, Christmas music and old holiday memories. How do I get these things out of my heart?

I know I need to pray more. When I pray, I usually pray for general things and never remember that I need to pray for something specific. Hmmm. I need to write down everything I need to pray for and review it before I pray. That sounds retarded though. Sigh. There's just too much crap in my head.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bridget Kelly: Thinking About Forever (Acoustic)

Frank Ocean wrote this song for Bridget of the newest signees to Roc Nation. I heard Frank sing it first and absolutely fell in love with the song, but Bridget is doing her thing on this acoustic version. Her voice is so pure.

Milk + Honey, Webisode 2

To see webisode 1, click here.

Saving This Forever

As I sit here at my desk, I can’t help but to think about how you looked at me on Sunday night when my back was hurting. I walked up to the sofa, sore, and you looked up at me with those pretty brown eyes. At that moment I felt my heart melt. In your eyes, I saw your deep affection for me. I saw your appreciation for me, and I saw how much you cared. Most importantly, I saw my future. You are my baby girl, I love you so much and I would do anything for you. I have been thinking about the moment where I looked into your eyes for the last couple of days and wanted to let you know. I hope that you have a good day sweetheart.

Review: Talk That Talk (Deluxe Edition)

I've been waiting for this album to drop. I love Rihanna's first single "We Found Love" so I bought the album while falling asleep last night.

Here's the deal. She has a lot of dance, tech tracks on the album which I LOVE. There's nothing more invigorating that dance music. However, I don't love this album as much as I loved Rated R. I was able to blast Rated R through and through (safe for maybe 1 song) in the car's stereo and actually FEEL her. Maybe it was the anger that I could identify with, particularly because it was real anger which no doubt came from her life experiences with her ex-bf. This album is different. Talk That Talk is cool but it's not blow-me-away great. But that's the same way I felt about Loud when it first came out. I kinda still do even tho she's done a remarkable job of making the songs come to life with treatments and major radio play. It doesn't seem like she put a lot of hard work into Talk That Talk. It's almost like she spit this one out real quick to keep her hype up. The lyrics don't vary much and the music is easy and repetitive as most dance tracks are. The album isn't a toss away though. One this is for sure, I'll get a lot of exercise dancing to most of this album. I've found my gym playlist.

You da One - cool, little, pop, bubble-gum song. it'll be cute for the radio.
Where Have You Been - love the music on this joint. it has one a great bass rhythm that will bump the mess out of some stereos. the techno beat on this song makes me want to turn out all the lights and dance hard.
We Found Love - good choice of a single for her. love the swelling and build up of this song.
Talk That Talk ft. Jay-Z - this is the only song where she carries a feature artist. to have Jay-Z on it, I thought it was going to be epic. then again, i don't know why i thought that. it's just okay. Jay's rhymes are lazy and so is Rihanna. this was a waste. i wonder why Jay doesn't put as much into this as he does on WTT. if they choose this as a single, i'm sure it'll catch on after hearing it 1,000 times though.
Cockiness (Love It) - i can't even listen to this song with words like suck, lick, eat and sex slave. a bit much for me. she done lost her mind on this one. watch this is the one that everyone loves tho.
Birthday Cake - this is a short interlude that too makes Rated R look like Rated G. it has a Kelis feel to it. i'm glad it's an interlude because it could be too much like the previous song.
We All Want Love - this is one of her slower songs that i like. she's talking about being lonely and wanting love. the emotion that she tries to convey peaks through a little. she's not really good at emotional songs tho. nevertheless, i hope she puts this one out.
Drunk On Love - another song about love that i can get with. it's very Evanescence like which I'm very okay with.
Roc Me Out - after 1 minute of this song, i get bored. it's very monotonous. no variety on this song at all.
Watch 'n' Learn - ha! i like this song even though i shouldn't. it makes me think of the more intimate details of me and my husband's life. the music is great.
Farewell - i usually skip this one, but she needed an epic feeling pop song on the album. it's soundtrack worthy for some emotional movie.
Red Lipstick - i'm confused on this one. i have no idea what it's about! it feels like i shouldn't be listening to it though. it has a scary vibe to it. reminds me of how i felt about the disturbia video. psycho and evil.
Do Ya Thang - another teeny bopper kind of love song. believe me, it's needed on this album.
Fool In Love - i like this one. it's probably her most vocal songs. it's slow. it's about love. and she sings the most on this one. it kinda makes me wish she could sing better though. i can see this one the stage. the production is cool on this track.
We Found Love (Extended Mix) - more of the same of the original version only longer. i'll play this one when i need an extra push on the eliptical machine when i get back to the gym.

I give the album a B. I wonder how long she'll be able to milk this album. Rihanna is going to have to do some visually stunning videos and do some shocking wardrobe and hair gimmicks to carry this one out for a while (which I'm sure she'll be able to do). She actually could have rode a little bit longer on Loud if this is what she wanted to give us. Have you heard it yet? What do you think? Where do you think RiRi should go next?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Positive Celebrity Relationships

With the mess that celebrity-ville has created in the relationship sector, it's no wonder we don't take them serious when we hear that two of them are getting married. While we hope it's for real, not many of us are duped into believing that it's for the long haul. That's why it's good to remember and focus on the few of the rich who HAVE held on to the sanctity of marriage. And because it's so easy for women to fall in love and ride or die for one dude (that's the nature of us!) let's run through a few of the famous husbands who just love them some love.

Let's start with the GQ man of the year, Jay-Z

This man loves him some Beyonce! So cute! I simply love their relationship. And you know Bey loves her some Jay. They have eyes for no one else.


This man's passion for his wife is unlike anything I've ever seen. He is totally in love with Jada.


While T.I. may have stunned us with his choice of women, you can't do anything but respect the man. I mean how long have they been together?! This is a great example of a ride or die couple. T.I. and Tiny ain't going NOwhere.


Named one of the sexiest men alive, Boris could have any women he wanted. And I'm sure he's flanked with temptation every where he goes, but this faithful man only has eyes for his wife of 6 years.

Grant Hill

When I think of Grant, I think of a strong family head. I remember hearing them talk about the diagnosis of Tamia's  multiple sclerosis and his potentially fatal infection all in the same year. Knowing the stress that illness can have on a family, I'm sure it was no easy thing to deal with. But through the tough times, Tamia said that Grant was always there.

Robin Thicke

These two kids are so freakin' adorable to me! Robin just KNOWS he got himself a dime. I only hope my husband and I are this cute.

President Barack Obama

Even the most powerful man in the United States knows what it means to love his wife. President Obama's humility shines through like a bright light whenever he's focused on his wife. It's clear that he understands the meaning of 'behind every good man is a good woman'.


This man, my wonderful husband, is by no means a celebrity, but I can't possibly think of great husbands without mentioning my own. On his day off yesterday, this man picked up my contacts from the eye doctor, got my clothes out of the cleaners when they cost way much more than he budgeted, fixed me dinner, took care of my spiritual needs AND snuggled up into me when the day was all said and done. Most importantly, he loves me more than I ever thought I could be loved.

Honorable mention go to Nick Cannon. Nick is like a kid in a candy store around his wife. Hopefully Mariah will hold onto that.

Recently wed husbands to watch? Carmelo Anthony, Shannon Brown, Swiss Beatz and Cory Hardrict (Tia Mowry's husband). Will these husbands follow in the footsteps of the men above? We'll see!

Friday, November 11, 2011

How I'm Feeling

Proposal Anniversary or Not

I'm watching a tv series on my laptop. One of the best tv series ever. I won't say which one it is as it's my guilty pleasure. Nevertheless, it's the perfect way to get away.

Today is the anniversary of the day Marcus proposed to me. 11/11/09. But we haven't acknowledged each other or the import of the day much. We had a difficult conversation yesterday, so today is just one of those days. Dah well. Guess this is a proposal anniversary we'll have to miss.

Ha! I just heard the perfect line. "Why movies?" "I reject reality." I hear that!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

More Tired Than Tired

I'm exhausted.
The stress from work combined with this sinus cold...
I could sleep for a week.
If only I could sleep peacefully through the night.
I have nightmares when I'm sick.
So I haven't had a restful sleep for a few days.
And I started my period today.
My body is telling me no.
But I have to keep going.
Reports have to be made.
Meetings have to be held.
Laundry has to be folded.
The bathtub has to be cleaned.
Dinner has to be thought of.
Not to mentioned cooked/ordered.
I'm so exhausted, I could cry.
But I'm not.
Big girls don't cry.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Kim Kardashian's Divorce

I feel bad for Kim Kardashian. I'm pretty sure that girl is sitting somewhere embarrassed out of her mind. I feel bad for her because her reality tv life does not allow her to take the time to consider her actions. Where the wedding t.v. special was concerned, after deals have been made, contracts have been signed and filming has started, it's easy to see how things can easily spin out of control. When you're in the middle of shooting your dress rehearsal, where a whole crew of t.v. people are dedicating their time and energies to publicizing your wedding, but have irritated feelings towards your fiance, I can imagine how hard it is to cancel the whole thing. But because marriage is so sacred, she should have been a bad business woman, canceled a few contracts and made her real life a priority. Her celebrity is getting in the way of her life and I hope she recognizes that before it's too late. She's a woman like everyone else who just wants to be married and find true love. I understand her need to be loved. Unfortunately for her, she's not going to be able to do that until she puts her life first and her wallet second. (Especially so the next guy who comes along can take her serious.) Recognizing that she either has to retire early or wait til her body/looks fall apart to get married is key to her love life. "The love of money is a root of all sorts of injurious things..." (1 Tim. 6:10)
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